APK Downloader – Download APK from Google Play Store™ (Online) [Official]

Sometimes you may get into the state of not having your smartphone. But still, need to download some applications that are available on the Google play store that your Android version is not supporting. You can download them directly to your computer in APK format will be quite useful. It will be a way to launch them with an android emulator, such as BlueStacks, YouWave, etc. In this regard, you are needed to hold the Chrome add-on named APK Downloader.

What is APK Downloader?

APK downloader is actually a light in the weight download manager. Its main focus is to support just one use case scenario. And that is the ability to download APK from Google play store android application directly from the internet servers to your local computer store.

By doing this, the users will obtain a local library of all backed up Android application with all the files that are obtained directly from the web servers. In regard to this, all these applications are entirely free from virus and ready for manual installation on your android device.

Installation of android app packages that are created in the APK file format can be easily found on several third-party databases that are hosted online. But there will be no guarantee that those files are completely okay or in worst condition. If this will be the case than your device will get infected with malicious software that will not just instable your apps or OS but it will also monitor all your android device usage. Further, it can also steal personal and financial data and of course, that will not be appropriate for anyone.

Downloading any of the APK files directly from the genuine official Google source assures you that you have an original app that was priory checked by Google developers for any issue. Moreover, you can also scan all the downloaded APK files from any of your preferable virus scanning software. This will ensure you more that your mobile device has only safe applications.

Installation of APK Downloader:

APK downloader for pc arrives with just small package of installation that will get installed in few seconds on your computer. You can easily download directly chrome to access it. Your computer should have any of the modern version of Windows that could be XP, 7, 8, 10, Vista, 32-bit and 64-bit both. After installing the app very first time, you will get welcomed with entirely simple and basic user interface that will be packed into a smaller desktop window.

APK downloader latest app features in only one text box area where you can enter the name of app package or Google play URL and simply click on that one Generate Download Link button. If the APK downloader recognized your input app then it will provide you the most essential information about the app you needed. That will be the name of its package, current version, size, and the core icon of the app. Then simply you have to click on Download now option and check the status of transferring in real-time.

Direct APK Downloader is not having any other tricky tools and no option to customize anything. Simply, it follows a basic and direct procedure and nothing else. This thing makes it ideal for newcomers that desire easiest downloading process along with seasoned technicians who are needed to generate a detailed offline library of applications that they use in routine.

APK Downloader Features and Highlights:

As everything acquires some features, similarly this also has. Even though, it has the simplest and basic user interface, still it acquires some features that make it prominent.

Its core features include;

  • It is simple android application downloader.
  • It facilitates you with fast and trustworthy operation.
  • Gets in touch with only the genuine Google play store servers.
  • Acquires a simple, basic and intuitive user interface.
  • It creates a local backup for the uncountable number of android APK files.
  • For additional security scanning, it prepares official APK files.
  • It was quite light in weight functionality on any of the modern desktop or PC.
  • It supports all the latest versions of windows that are 32-bit and 64-bit both.
  • The best feature is, it is 100% free of cost.

Requirements of APK Downloader:

For operating APK downloader software you should know some additional information and its requirements to fulfill.

  • This Chrome add-on is only functional for free Google play store applications.
  • It requires Google chrome to work.
  • You have to permit it for installing on your device.


Direct APK downloader is the extension of browser that lets the user get APK files through the android package files that acquires the programs without getting them through Google play store. This application will let the user get a massive collection of offline application available free on the Play store. The user interface of this application is quite simple the novice will be happy to use it. It does not contain any difficult customization options. It is an ideal application to use for APK downloads.


Q1. What is APK downloader?

  • This is a third-party web tool for the downloading of APK and OBB files from Google Play store. It gives the most basic method to download the latest and older versions of any android free application.

Q2. How does APK downloader work?

  • The operation of Google play store is based on a protocol called as protobuf API. This APK downloader uses that same API. It creates the direct downloading link and downloading APK and OBB file straight from the Google servers.

Q3. Is it able to download restricted applications?

  • Yes, you can easily download any region restricted and incompatible apps with APK downloader.

Q4. Is it able to download split APKs (android app bundle)?

  • Yes, it can download the android app bundle and give you great delivery with split APKs. You will need to install split APKs with the use of splits APK installer.