Top Best Sites to Watch Korean Drama Online with English Sub

Watch Korean Dramas Online; There is no doubt that Korean dramas (short K-Dramas) – highly addictive serialized Korean shows are becoming very popular in the West. It is difficult to explain what is great with Korean dramas. But the mix of intensity, often very intense romance and complex and emotional storytelling works wonders.

Until recently, a service called DramaFever was the best place to learn about Korean drama. Unfortunately, the platform closed and left a big hole for the fans. So, now the question is: how and where can you watch Korean dramas?

We have done our best to bring you the best websites dedicated to Korean drama, more general streaming sites offering a good catalog of Korean dramas. so you can watch your Dramas from time to time.

For those who have never heard of Korean dramas, here is a brief summary of what could become your new obsession.

Best Sites to Watch Korean Drama Online

What is Korean Drama?

Korean dramas – called K-Drama – are television series from South Korea mixing romance, drama, comedy, thriller etc … and ranging from 15 to 20 one-hour episodes. Unlike Western sitcoms, a drama takes place in one season. However, sometimes a drama is declined into a suite.

Why are Korean dramas so addictive?

The diversity of genres of Korean dramas

Do you like history? Historical dramas are there to immerse you in the Korea of ​​the Joseon dynasty. Do you prefer emotional rollercoasters? Melo-dramatic dramas are there to draw all the tears from your eyes. Are you more of an action and thriller? Fantastic? Romantic comedy? Science fiction? Mystery?

Whatever genre you prefer, you will always find a drama to meet your expectations. Besides an episode of Korean drama is generally well conducted and you will always have a thrilling thriller at the end of the episode that will make you watch the next episode.

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The OST of Korean dramas:

The soundtracks – OST: originals soundtrack – are the music that punctuates the drama. Some are so popular that they are found in noraebang – Korean karaoke – and that by simply listening to the first notes, we can perfectly find the drama to which they correspond. Generally, a good Korean drama will always be accompanied by very good OST.

The casting:

If you are still a beginner in kdramaddiction, the casting does not matter. However, as you go to watch Korean dramas, actresses and/or actors stand out and you will start to watch all the dramas in which they have played.

Immersion in Korean society:

Without being able to go to South Korea, Korean dramas can make us travel without leaving our sofa/bed. If the majority of Korean dramas are shot in Seoul, the capital, certain scenes can take place in other cities of the country such as Busan, Jeju Island, etc.

In addition, a Korean drama never turns without a scene where the characters eat and drink. It is through Korean dramas that you can discover Korean food: tteobokki , corn dogs , samgyeopsal (Korean barbecue), soju , bingsu … all Korean food will (almost) no longer have secrets for you. You will salivate and you will have only one desire: to taste!

1) DramaCool

DramaCool is the best platform offering you a good selection of dramas and kshow. Our consistently high-quality videos will not let you down. Both the sound quality and the subtitles of dramas on this site are excellent, and they have been synched with the videos incredibly well. Regarding the user interface, the website is straightforward and appealing. In comparison with a lot of available torrent websites, our site is a secure and legal option. For these reasons, DramaCool is among the best websites to watch movies and dramas with English subtitles for FREE.


THE ultimate Korean drama streaming platform.

Viki has been around for many years and has always been a favorite with K-Drama fans. And it’s for a good reason. The service has more than 1000 different titles. And although they definitely focus on Korean drama, they also have tons of content from China, Taiwan, and Japan. Also in terms of genre, you will find basically everything from melodrama to romance, thrillers and action shows. Viki has you covered.

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3) myasientv

MyAsianTV is a simple, no-frills website that lets you watch free TV and movies from South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and China.

Perhaps the most unique thing about MyAsianTV is its ease of navigation. You can see which episodes of Korean drama were most recently downloaded if you prefer the current content. However, you can also filter by country, year and genre if you want something more specific. Do you prefer the hottest shows? MyAsianTV also includes a list of the best programs for the day, week and month.

You can not only watch your favorite Korean shows online, you can also download programs, which is great if you don’t want to spend money on Wi-Fi on your next flight.

4) Dramapassion

Another streaming site that also offers Korean dramas. Unlike Viki, they are professional translators who subtitle episodes. Dramapassion offers to watch Korean dramas for free but with advertisements and poorer visual quality. Then, two subscriptions are offered: a Discovery subscription (€ 4.5 for a week, € 9.9 for a month) and a Premium subscription (€ 14.99 for a month)

5) OnDemandKorea

With hundreds of Korean shows in progress and previously aired, OnDemandKorea will never leave you if you want more choice. If anything, the variety could turn out to be overwhelming. And whether you watch online or via your favorite device, you will have plenty of equipment and means to watch it.

Closed captioning options vary between shows. Some offer English subtitles, others Korean, and others without subtitles. Fortunately, you can filter by closed captioning options to see which K-dramas match your preferences.

6) KissAsian

This platform offers a lot of Korean dramas to watch for free without ads (or not as much as Viki and Dramapassion). The downside is that there are no French subtitles. But if you don’t mind the English subtitles, get started!

7) YouTube

YouTube may be your preferred source for user-generated content, but it can also be a useful resource for watching Korean series.

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When you search on YouTube, you will undoubtedly come across a Korean series updated by users, but you don’t have to stick to questionable copyright content to get your solution. Some channels download content for you! In fact, you can enjoy nearly 50 playlists of Korean dramas with English subtitles, courtesy of KBS World TV. With hundreds of episodes to choose from, your Korean learning mug overflows.

And since YouTube is also easy to access via an app, web browser, or connected TV, you can watch it anywhere, anytime, for free.

8) Netflix

The platform has felt the vein with the popularity of Korean dramas. Also, for some time some Korean dramas have been offered on Netflix. Of course, there are not ALL dramas yet, but the offer is gradually expanding.

9) Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is not really known for being a great K-Dramas To Watch Korean Dramas resource. But they actually have some great photos. There is no point in acquiring Amazon Prime just for these few Korean dramas. But of course, the service has a lot, a lot to offer on top of that.

Amazon Prime offers a ton of great features, faster shipping, and exclusive deals on items purchased from Amazon. But of course, their Amazon Prime Video library contains a ton of great content. From their own original content produced such as The Wonderful Mrs. Maisel,
Patriot, Sneaky Pete or Jack Ryan to numerous licensed movies and TV shows.

Amazon Prime is quite the package, but it isn’t cheap either. The current standard membership fee is $ 119 per year, which is a step higher than any other available service. They offer much cheaper Premier Students members an annual subscription for a very reasonable price of $ 59 per year. The regular monthly Prime subscription costs $ 12.99 and $ 6.49 for students.

Final words:

I hope you enjoyed it and that it could help you!

Mainly, I surf between Viki and KissAsian to satisfy my kdramaddiction . And you, what are your favorite sites to watch dramas? If you have sites to recommend, you can put them in the comments!

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