Top 13 Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps For Android And iOS {2022}

Nowadays, everyone wants to be with someone perfect, and most of the singles are looking for girlfriends to be with. If you are completely settled in your daily life and seeking for someone to take care of you, in this regard, you can search for some of the best virtual girlfriend apps for android and iOS.

The ones who cannot find a certain person apart from his family members can get help from virtual girlfriend apps. These apps can help all those single persons to choose the girl according to their priority and choice.

A perfect girlfriend app can let you make love, talk about your life, and can discuss your life goals and achievements. The technology is now enhanced to a maximized level that you are not needed to wait for more to live single.

The users have to download the application to build Virtual girlfriend in your android and iOS devices. There is a big amount of application that will take you out from loneliness. We are mentioning some of the very best virtual girlfriend apps for android and iOS.

1. Dream Girlfriend:

It is the best virtual girlfriend app designed for android users. It allows you to create a girlfriend according to your choice. You probably want some particular qualities and your appearance of your girlfriend. You can easily give all the elements to the girl you are willing to get in a relationship with.

This android app will let you virtually enjoy your desired girl. The dream girlfriend app features in letting you choose the girl from abundant options available. You can easily personalize that girl by various available features. This app also lets you interact and chat with girls by the Live2D available technology. This application also allows you to take part in fashion contests and romantic interactions.

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2. Naughty Girlfriend:

This virtual girlfriend android Apk Naughty girlfriend allows you to choose a girl naughty in nature and sexy in looks. This application even allows you to dance with your seductive girlfriend, along with enjoying her flirting nature. The users of this application can dress the girlfriend according to their preference. There is ample option for dressing available in this android application. The best thing about this application is that it let you experience in a way you are with real sexy girlfriend. You can speak with your chosen girlfriend and discuss funny and flirting things. Download this application and begin to dance and flirt with your virtual girlfriend.

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3. Virtual Girlfriend Momoda:

Virtual girlfriend Amanda is a free application designed for iOS users.   The girlfriend available on this application is a sexy girl from Eastern Europe and top supermodel in the whole world. It is a secure application for iOS users. This application provides you with a 3D character or a 3D model that is even able to rotate in 360 degrees; it is its most interesting feature which makes it more valuable.

The 3D feature allows the users to view their selected girlfriend in varied angles. By this feature, you can also touch and kiss your girlfriend from the desired angle. The important options in this application are changing the clothes, shoes, hairstyle of your girlfriend according to your desire.

4. Virtual Girlfriend 3D Anime:

Virtual Girlfriend 3D AnimeIt is the best anime girlfriend app which you can use to cope up with your desires. By this app, you will have acute anime girlfriend to enjoy and make fun. The girl of this app is equipped with her personal emotions and feelings. Great quality animations, good looking 3D anime graphics, and some other things are the part of its features. It also allows the user to control the actions by several available control options. You can change the style of hair and the color of the virtual girl too.

5. My Virtual Girlfriend Julie:

This virtual girlfriend application is available for android users. This virtual girlfriend app lets you chat with your girlfriend too. The name of your girlfriend will be Julie. Your girlfriend in this application is quite smart and intelligent to talk on any topic you want. It facilitates you to collaborate with the girl via real voice and genuine 3D video animation. The girlfriend in this application acquires the ability to show all her emotions such as love, likeness, anger, and much more. Julie is also able to smile and kiss you. Such virtual girlfriend apps for android and iOS let you enjoy and your feeling with beautiful virtual girls.

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6. Girlfriend Plus:

Girlfriend plus is a quite great application available on play store for all the Android users. While using this application, you will have to converse with a beautiful and smart lady. After getting introduced to each other, she will send you her images and audio messages. In this way, this application let you choose your girlfriend in a very brilliant manner.


7. Smart Virtual Girlfriend:

If you are a smart person then off course you will seek a smart girl to make your partner. This smart virtual girlfriend application is an accurate app to help you begin some casual conversation with the one you decided to make your girlfriend. The users of this application can share their emotion with their girlfriend with emoticons. She will reply to your questions in a very smart way. This application let you personalize several things about your girl, like her name, age, the figure of her character. Smart virtual girlfriend is the best application to soothe your emotions and feelings.

8. My Virtual Manga Girl:

My virtual manga girl is one of the best virtual girlfriend apps designed especially for android. The virtual character in this application is named as Manga. Complete dance chan, anime girl dancing are the two best features of this app. This app gives you an option for changing her eyes, hair, clothes, background, and color of your virtual girlfriend; you can say it like my virtual girlfriend all outfits can be according to my choice. This application is quite simple to operate. It acquires just one-touch operation for the functionality of your virtual girlfriend.

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9. My Virtual Girlfriend Love:

This virtual girlfriend application is designed particularly for iOS users. It is one of the best virtual girlfriend apps for android and iOS. This app allows you to chat with your girlfriend for several hours to let you forget your isolation and loneliness. This application also allows you to customize your girlfriend in the manner you want. My virtual girlfriend love includes the option to add vampire and zombie girlfriends.

10. Pocket Girl Simulator – Fuljadi Pocket Girl:

This virtual girlfriend app lets you enjoy real looking virtual girl. This application features incredible UX and UI, which is the best source of amusement. The best part of this application is that your virtual girlfriend will do whatever you ask her to. For enhanced entertainment, this application allows you to alter the models. Along with this, it let you change different actions like jump, seat, eat, kiss, dance, attitude, hot, wink, fight, and much more. By downloading this app, you will completely fall in love with your fuljhadi pocket virtual girlfriend.

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11. Chatbot:

A chatbot is a famous virtual girlfriend application for both android and iOS devices. Actually, it is a talking robot which can speak funny jokes, and you can have control of its behavior to have a virtual girlfriend. It has great smart features for the recognition of your voice or the note you write. It will respond you back with words, funny sounds, and emotions too.


12. Idle girlfriend:

Idle girlfriend is the latest system for both android and iOS devices. In clear words, it is gameplay where you have to collect the bubbles to facilitate her completely. You have to get necessities for her. If you fail to get necessities, she will become angry. It also features you to buy various props to facilitate your virtual girlfriend more. When she gets all those new things, she will learn new skills by self-learning.


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13. VGAR virtual girlfriend app:

VGAR virtual girlfriend is a hot virtual girlfriend application. It avails you, various girls, from which you have to select one according to your preference. This application is only for the one above 18 years. The main motive of this game is to make you fall for the girl. It gives you two options, to choose a girl from the available list or to create your own girlfriend according to your preference. It also allows you to take images of your girlfriend and post it to your social media accounts.


All the above-mentioned applications are all the best virtual girlfriend apps for android and iOS users. By using these applications, you can prank your friends that you are having a hot and gorgeous girlfriend. These applications have various customization options to make your girl according to your preference. It allows you to share and receive emotions too. You can download any of the application and have complete fun with dancing and seductive virtual girlfriends.

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