Code Atma v1.1.51 MOD APK + OBB (Auto Win)

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Hello, from here you can download Code Atma MOD APK which has God mode and auto win features. Code Atma is an RPG game offered by Agate Games. It has more than a million downloads on the Play Store. Summon your Atma, power them up and create a team that can defeat the evil Atma lurking in the shadows, controlling people and others. make the war.

Atma Code Features

  • 120+ Atma with unique skill sets
  • Full Events & Quests for amazing rewards
  • More than 10 stories
  • Easy to install & Download
  • Free root app

Code Atma : Supernatural RPG MOD APK is an RPG game set in a modern world. From ancient times, Ghosts, Gods & Angels are well-known. They are also known as Atma. With the advancement in technology, scientists have developed a device with which you can see Atma. You will play as a seeker who will summon Atma and possess them. You are also a special officer who deals with evil Atma. These Atma, sometimes, possesses the people, disturb the peace and force the innocent people to do insane things.

You have to form your team of 6 Atma and defeat the evil Atma. You will go through stories and fights. In a fight, you will see the enemy lineup on the left side of the screen. You can place your Atma on the left side. It is important to place them in the correct position. Enemies will attack the Atma placed in the front first and then the others.

There will be 15 rounds in a stage. Units will automatically attack in turns. A round will end after each unit uses its attack. When your unit attacks the opponent, their skill bar recharges. You can touch his image to activate his abilities. They won’t use the abilities immediately, but when it’s their turn, they will use them. Defeat all the Atma to win the battle.

By winning the battle, you will get XP, Player XP, Gold, Diamonds, etc. In boss battles, you will also get shards, chests, or soul XP. Player XP is required to level up the seeker rank. Gold & XP is used to increase Atma level. Diamonds can be used to purchase any in-game currency or to summon Atma.

In Code Atma MOD, there are more than 120 different Atma. Each Atma has unique passive and active abilities. They are divided into multiple types based on role: Tank, Rogue, Healer, Ranger, and Mage. His role will help you decide his place in the battles. Each Atma has an elemental attribute. There are 6 elements: Sun, Moon, Water, Wind, Fire and Earth. Look at these two cycles: Water→Fire→Wind→Earth→Water and Sun⇄Moon. An Atma of any element will deal 30% more damage to the Atma of the next element. You can take advantage of it in battles. Checks the enemies element and places their Atma counter element against them.

You can upgrade your Atma by using gold and XP to level up. Leveling up increases your HP, ATK, DEF, and SPD. Once an Atma reaches its maximum level, you can rank it up. Ranking up any Atma increases its maximum levels. You can also equip them with gears, skins and mudra which also increase their attributes.

MOD Features
Code Atma APK MOD has these amazing features. In the menu mode, you can toggle God mode, auto gain, and enemy level 1 features. As the name suggests, in God mode, you will be invincible as a God. No matter how much damage he takes, his HP will not decrease. His second function will change the enemy Atma level to 1 in campaign mode. So, you can easily kill them in few rounds. There is no need to fight for 10/15 rounds. The time is gold.

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