Download Stardew Valley APK + OBB V1.25 (Full/Mod ) For Android

Are you an ardent gamer? Are you looking for a new and engaging game to play? Then Stardew Valley APK is the one you should go for. You will be literally hooked to this game, and will be spending time inhabiting the barren land present.

Stardew Valley MOD APK lets you tend to your farm by planting different crops. You can catch fish, search for hidden treasures and even fight with the horrible monsters. Apart from this, you can raise the cows, milk them, make cheese out of the milk. You can also prepare different things like maple syrup and wine among many other things.

Download Stardew Valley APK
Download Stardew Valley APK

Download Stardew Valley Mod APK for Free

Due to a variety of different options, Stardew Valley APK+OBB can become quite overwhelming at times. This is why we have prepared a guide for you regarding how to use this app to your full advantage.

The Farm Type is Important

Stardew Valley APK comes up with different types of farms for the user. Initially, there used to be a standard farm, but with new updates coming, users are given a variety of options. So, there is something for everyone. Whether you want to choose farming or you prefer fishing, there is something for everyone present.

If you are more in to farming and deciding which way to go while playing the game, then you should chosoe the Standard farm.

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If you plan on fishing more and farming less, then the Riverland farm should be your choice. Although the fishing option is also available in the other versions, but for that you have to make your way towards the ponds and rivers while spending more time on the farms.

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There is also a third type of farm – the Forest farm. When you chose this farm, you can cut wood, collect it, and fight the monsters present in your backyard.

Activate the Required “Buttons”

Why this is needed is because Stardew Valley comes with a lot of confusing tools. This is especially true for the beginners who are still getting the hand of the game. The Stardew Valley MOD APK comes with a simple solution. Go to the game’s settings and click on the “Always Show Hit Tool” option. When you select this option, you just do not play the game aimlessly. With this option you actually know which exact tile you are targeting.

Activating this button also lets you understand that where your character (farmer) is going. This makes it easier for you to understand and select its direction properly.

As long as you progress in the game and get hand of it, you probably will not need this feature anymore.

What’s New: v 1.25

  • External Controller fixes
  • Hats on horses
  • Hatch Slimes outdoors
  • Fantasy Board Game fix
  • Bug fixes

Don’t Forget to Watch the TV

The TV is a very important part of the game. Every morning when you start the game, do watch the TV for the weather forecast. Even the Fortune Teller also is a great program to let you strategically plan the day ahead. For example, if your fortune says that you are going to have a lucky day, then it means then you will be having more chances of harvesting crops and similar activities. Plus, you will also be able to sell them with a bigger profit. When you install Stardew Valley APK, it becomes quite easy to understand the game more.

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The TV even comes with its own cooking show as well. So, by the time you have progressed enough in the game to own a kitchen, you will be able to try a new one almost every week. The program is called the Queen of Sauce.

Another program called Livin’ Off the Land has got all the relevant information related to the game. The game becomes even more interesting when you install the Stardew Valley MOD APK.

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Always Fix the Bridge

There is a bridge which needs to be repaired in the very beginning of the game.  When you repair the bridge, access is granted to the tide pools and a small area of the beach. The area has got coral and sea urchins which you can sell for a very good amount of money. You gold reserves may also increase in the very start of the game. With the help of this bridge, you will be able to get extra cash and various sources of income. Download the Stardew Valley APK, and the progress in the game will become even easier.

Make Sure Your Farmer is Well Rested

It is really important that your farmer is rested enough to have enough energy to perform the tasks next day as well. Although with the Stardew Valley MOD APK installed, your lost energy will be replenished quickly.

Build the Greenhouse

Before the winters arrive in the game, it is really important that you build the greenhouse. You will be needing different crops to be harvested. Stardew Valley AOK + OBB helps in speeding up the harvesting process.

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Food is Important When You are in a Mine

Make sure that you bring some food with you when you go inside a mine. Food is important to restore the replenished energy. If you have constructed a kitchen, then make sure that you do prepare some field snacks to be taken into the mines.

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Never Forget to Upgrade Your Watering Can

When you are on a spree of upgrading the gaming tools, make sure that you upgrade the watering can on a priority. It will save your time on watering the crops every day. There is a tried and tested trick to upgrading your watering can and making sure that the crops don’t go without being watered for a day. Upgrade it only when the weather forecast is predicting rain. This will make sure that your crops do not go bad and your watering can is updated as well.

Always Remember Birthdays

When you have Stardew Valley APK installed, playing this game becomes very convenient. However, it is important that you do make friends with the other farmers by talking to them once at least every day. The best way to do so is to give them a present on their birthdays and you will notice an immediate increase in your friendship level.

By following the above guidelines, you will be able to play the game properly. However, if you really want to enjoy it, then do download the Stardew Valley APK for easy upgrades.

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