Download WhatsApp Plus APK Latest Version (v8.50) Anti-Ban For Android 2022

Whatsapp Plus is an alternative version of the world’s most used texting application, but here’s the catch it’s even better. It has a lot more functions and features than the native WhatsApp messenger we all use.

The need for WhatsApp Plus arises with the fact since the inception of the application, the developers at WhatsApp really haven’t changed much of the application’s user interface and functions. Therefore, people who require extra crisp might find it handy.


What Is WhatsApp Plus?

Whatsapp plus is an edited version of WhatsApp. It has been modified by the developers and contains a lot of features, options, colorful themes. It has so many things which aren’t available on the native WhatsApp application. There are many edited versions of WhatsApp, but the market suggests WhatsApp plus apk and GBWhatsapp are the best ones available.

With WhatsApp plus you can use multiple accounts at a time. Moreover, unlike many Apk Applications, you don’t have to root your device in order to run this application, it does not require any root access. Consequently, it is an add-free application too.

Download Whatsapp Plus APK:

ARM (armeabi-v7a)


ARM 64 (arm64-v8a)


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Detailed Features:

  • You can easily hide your last seen, delivery ticks and read receipts.
  • You can show you Whatsapp status as online even when you’re not online.
  • You can easily create group invite links and send them to your friends.
  • You can also hide the typing status while you are typing something on whatsapp.
  • You can also hide your status, be it online or typing on WhatsApp plus
  • Whatsapp plus comes with improved video calling and voice calling.
  • You can also lock your conversation on WhatsApp plus
  • Backing and restoring your photos, conversations and videos is very easy on WhatsApp plus
  • The status can be up to 255 characters long unlike 139 characters in the normal WhatsApp.
  • There are 1000s of glamorous themes available on WhatsApp, simply click on the one you like, download and apply.
  • You can customize your screen and change its background too.
  • You can also disable voice calls altogether, after disabling voice calls no one will be able to call you.
  • You can send documents in PDF, CVV, and Xls, etc.
  • Once you download WhatsApp plus you can also send games and applications through it.
  • You can also send more than 30 photos at a time on WhatsApp plus apk.

These are just the highlights, the list of the feature may go on and on, you can enjoy even more once you install WhatsApp plus on your android device.

The creator of the two most famous versions of WhatsApp plus is the same guy Atnfas hook. Many people still aren’t aware of WhatsApp plus and are reluctant to use it. However, once you install and use the WhatsApp plus app you will not go back to use the normal WhatsApp application again.

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Can We Use It With Custom Rom?

Devices that are running on custom ROM such as Miui, Aosp, CyanogenMod, TouchWiz UI, Stock Android, etc, Whatsapp plus App is fully compatible with them.

How To Install Whatsapp Plus APK?

You must have some clear memory in order to download and install the Whatsapp plus apk application. Once you are done clearing your memory, please follow these steps.

  • Go to settings, search for the option unknown sources, once you find it, click on it in order to enable it. It is either located in the privacy settings or the fingerprint settings, depending on the device.
  • Now, open your old Whatsapp, open its settings, go into the chat backup and backup all your Whatsapp chats, this will take some time, depending on the size of the backup.
  • After the backup process is complete you can now uninstall your original version of Whatsapp. However, if you want to access multiple accounts, then do not uninstall it. By using WhatsApp plus, users can access 2 or more than 2 accounts on Whatsapp. Whatsapp plus does not replace the original Whatsapp.
  • After clicking the install button, the Whatsapp plus will now be accessible on your phone. The application will ask for your number and a pin code in order to log in to WhatsApp plus. Some devices detect Whatsapp plus as a potential virus because of its mod configuration, but there’s nothing to worry about it is completely safe.
  • After logging in, another screen will open up which will ask for other details such as, profile picture, about and status, etc. After proceeding further you can now either back up your old chats on Whatsapp plus or use this as your second account and enjoy the countless features available.
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Video Tutorial


  • Is Whatsapp plus safe to use?

It is completely safe to use, devices usually treat mod configuration applications as potential viruses, there’s nothing to worry about,

  • How many images can you send at once?

You can send up to 90 images at once on Whatsapp plus.

  • How many people can you add on the broadcast list?

You can add almost 600 people in a single broadcast list on Whatsapp plus.


Whatsapp plus is an amazing application to use with its countless features, jinxes and tweaks it will elevate your overall Whatsapp experience. However, Whatsapp plus does not have an end to end encryption that means your conversations are not secure. If you are worried about your privacy, and cannot afford to take any risks regarding it. It is highly advisable to use normal Whatsapp instead of Whatsapp plus. Moreover, the application has no legal and authentic source; therefore one cannot fully trust it with all is personal stuff.

It is highly recommended you use any less important number to have a less important conversation on these apps.

Use the applications at your own discretion. Have a good day.

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