Download YouTube Music Premium APK + MOD v3.23.52 (2022)

Everyone knows how fun it is to use YouTube. It is the world’s biggest video sharing platform. It is available for everyone for free. While itis consists of videos from all over the world, a huge number of users use it to listen to the songs. By the passage of time, the demand for music is increasing day by day. Therefore, more tools are being launched to serve the need. If the music is not yet released, you can have all the music listening tools. However, the songs that have not been released can be found and heard on YouTube. In this way, YouTube is also being served as a music player for people.


Taking into account, the demand of music on YouTube, Google took advantage of the opportunity and work on the technology just to serve its consumers. Thus launched YouTube Music. YouTube music is a very popular app that has been downloaded by millions of users. It can be easily found and downloaded on Google play.

Since it is designed for music lovers, it shows the music regarding what is trending, what is history of user and what the preference of a user is.

What makes YouTube Music different is that it is designed to serve a purpose of music playing entirely.

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YouTube Music is a powerful app, but it has some drawbacks too. For instance, you cannot listen to the songs when the phone is locked or another app is opened. In addition, YouTube Music is not a free app. It requires monthly payment from you to enjoy it.

If you are unable to afford YouTube music premium and looking for ways to download it for free, your problem has aa solution. For people who want free YouTube Music Premium, you can download its mod version, which is YouTube Music Premium APK.

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YouTube music premium APK is a third party application, which enables the beat experience of watching and listening your favorite songs at the same time. It will help you find the song you are looking for so easily, and discover new music as well. The playlist and recommendation will serve you, they are based on the context, your taste, and what people around you are listening to. Although free YouTube also has this characteristic; YouTube music gives you more features and ad-free content.

Once you become a regular user, you may even get access to other products like Google Play Music since the same company created both of these apps.

With this app, you can play your favorite songs in high quality from a massive catalog and originals by YouTube.


It us a music streaming platform offering its best services just like other popular apps such as Spotify, Apple, Gaana and so on. It has the capability to offer recommendations based on the user’s location, search history and much more.

Although YouTube Music Premium APK offers almost all the features as official YouTube Music Premium, it does not have an option for offline download.

In the technical terms, we cannot download the songs offline in the APK version of YouTube Music Premium because its part is encrypted with the user’s purchased decryption key.

Version Info

Name YouTube Music Premium
Size 18 to 53MB
Version 3.23.52
Last updated July 16, 2019
Developer Google Inc.


No, it’s not. YouTube Music’s free trial version gives limited access to its users. It is also limited for 30 days. Contrarily, YouTube Music Premium APK gives you complete access to all the features it is offering. It comes with a lifetime premium mod. You can listen to music whenever and wherever you want. You also do not need to give your credit card details since it is a free version.

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  • You Can Lock Your Phone:

Unlike YouTube Music Premium, which does not allow the songs to play after moving to another app or phone lock, with YouTube Music Premium APK, you can play the songs even after locking the phone.

  • YouTube Music Premium APK Contains No-Ads

Perhaps the most annoying feature of YouTube is its advertisements. They keep popping up out of nowhere and ruin our mood. This is not an issue with the APK version. There are no ads, which mean you can enjoy the songs without any hurdles.

  • It Shows Recommendations To Each User Individually

Recommendations are always based on user’s location, usage, and multiple other aspects

  • Check Out The Hotlist

With the help of Hotlist, it shows you what is trending in your area or worldwide. What people are watching the most on YouTube.

  • Play Videos If You Want

With YouTube Music Premium APK, you can play video along with the audio as well. Just tap on ‘just listen’ button and you are done.

  • Decide What You Want To Play

It is consist of different sections. These sections include Songs you liked, Album, Playlist, and the artist you subscribed.

  • High-Quality Content

It does not compromise on the quality. It offers super high-quality audio to the users.

  • Equalizer

You can adjust bass and other settings with the help of equalizer.

  • Filter The Content

Restrict mode will allow you to hide the content that is consist of inappropriate stuff, flagged by users and other signals.

  • Serves The Best Music

This amazing app provides music services and offline release from your favorite artist.


It consists of albums, live performances, singles, covers, and remixes.

  • Smart  Technology

With smart technology, your searching for songs becomes easy and lesser time is wasted. For instance, if you have forgotten the song’s name, just write the lyrics and it will show you what you are looking for.

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YouTube Music Premium has been redesigned entirely. Now you can quickly find out what you want to listen to. The music will recommend based on what you like and what would be the best pick for that moment. Get the free mod version of YouTube Music and enjoy unlimited music. Lock the phone if you want to, it would never affect it.

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Reading till here, if you are convinced that this app is what you need, then keep reading. Because below are given a guide to download YouTube Music. Downloading the file is pretty simple and easy. Go to any search engine like Google, type “YouTube Music Premium APK Download for Android” and you will find various websites that offer fast and free download. Once the downloading process is done, you are now supposed to install the app, before you can enjoy it.


  • Go to security settings and enable ‘Unknown source’.
  • When you are done with the download, open the downloaded file and click on install.
  • Now the installation process will begin.
  • Wait for a while.
  • Once the installation process is finished, you will see an icon of YouTube Music Premium APK in your screen.
  • Open the app and sign in
  • A pop up of 30 days trial will appear. Just close that fir the time being.
  • You are now ready to enjoy this amazing app.
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If you want to go for this method, you don’t need to install MicroG for sign in. The APK is install in the system with some tweaks. Google play services are able to provide the login window.

One must keep in mind that this is an advanced method. Not anyone without the required technical skills can perform the task. You also must have knowledge about the MagiskSu and its manager.

Moving forward, the following are the simple and easy steps to be followed for installing YouTube Music Premium APK successfully.

  • Step 1: Download YouTube Music MODD Magisk module from the internet.
  • Step 2: Open Magisk Manager and go to the menu.
  • Step 3: Head over to the Modules section
  • Step 4: tap the “+” button and select the YouTube Music Mod Zip file.
  • Step 5: It will ask you to reboot the device in order to get active.

And that’s all, folk! You are now good to go. Enjoy the app by signing in with your account.


YouTube Music Premium APK is an amazing app for music enthusiasts that have been loved by its users. There are ways you can discover what the others are listening, what is trending all over the world so you can enjoy that too. Its smart technology will analyze what kind of music you like to listen and will recommend similar music to you. With its friendly user interface, you can easily search the music even if you don’t know the lyrics.

You can listen to live exhibitions, collections, singles, remixes and much more. This app does not contain ads so you can streamline your music list and listen to it smoothly without any interruptions.

With all these features, it becomes a must for every music fan to check out this awesome app. You won’t regret it. So go and download YouTube Music Premium APK right now.

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