FMWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version in 2022 [FMWA] (Anti-Ban)

If you own a smartphone and you need an instant messaging app, you are probably using WhatsApp at the moment. This is the digital era, where everything is happening in the tips of your fingers, WhatsApp is the easiest, and the fastest communication app demand of which is very high. You can send a text, video call, and voice call; send media files and so forth. The best thing about it is that it can be downloaded free. It has end-to-end encryption protocol for every account to block any third party services and apps get access to your private conversations.

However, this wonderful experience can be really annoying and become boring over time. The app gets regular updates and yet it has failed to surprise the users with the updated interface. The developers have set the limitation on media sharing which can be frustrating given that everyone wants to get their work done as soon as possible. People don’t like to wait. They want to get rid of them. And now it’s possible to get rid of it.

Whatsapp has multiple alternatives that are its modded version. These are APK files that are third party applications which means they cannot be found in the official store but online. One such alternative is FM WhatsApp APK.

What Is FM Whatsapp APK?

FM WhatsApp is one of the apps to switch from the original WhatsApp. It is developed by an independent developer. It works on WhatsApp API and does not have restrictions like official WhatsApp.

Also known as Fouad WhatsApp, It is the MOD version of WhatsApp. This app was launched for people who want to get rid of the limitations and restrictions that are found in official WhatsApp. Besides the limitations, it also gives you more control over the privacy, user interface, and other features.

This app is available for Android. However, it cannot be used along with the official WhatsApp. This app faces some security concerns, which the developers are trying to resolve. It is not available in the official appstores like Google playstore etc. Therefore, you have to download this app online from here or using Google.

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There are many other MODDED apps, which can be downloaded as an alternative of WhatsApp. Such as YoWhatsApp or GB WhatsApp. Nevertheless, this version is so far the safest and newest one.

Soon after its launch, FM WhatsApp APK became very popular among the users. The popularity increased so much that by now, it has exceeded over 3 million downloads.

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Version Info

Name FM WhatsApp
Version 7.99
Developer Fouad Mokdad
Last Updated June 21, 2019
Size 53 MB
Required Android 4.0+
Download 1,00,000+
Variants Emoji and No Emoji


Yes. It is available on Android versions. However, it is only available on Android devices. It does not support any other operating system.


If you want to switch from official WhatsApp to FM WhatsApp, please be clear that we do not encourage using such modded apps. This information is provided fir the purpose of educational research only.


App Lock

The most important feature of this APK version offers is enhanced privacy. The original WhatsApp failed to provide such features and user privacy is not up to the mark. Anyone can open up the conversations you have in your WhatsApp.

However, FM WhatsApp APK considered user privacy. Its developers ensured that all the user data is safe and secure. For this, they have introduced the app lock feature. This will require you to enter a specific password that you have set (could be any pattern or PIN). Unless you enter. That password, your WhatsApp will not be accessed.

Privacy Controls.

FM WhatsApp APK offers various options for privacy control. These options includehiding blue ticks, hiding your typing status or even recording status and so forth.

Once you download FM WhatsApp APK in your device, you can change the privacy settings as well as set a specific lock for safety.

To enable this feature, simply go to Menu>> Fouad Settings and you will find these features.

Media Sharing Becomes Easy

With FM WhatsApp APK, limitations over media sharing become ancient history. You can download FM WhatsApp APK and get easy media sharing features. This app allows you to share more than 30 images at once unlike the official WhatsApp. In addition, the files up to size 70 MB can be transferred easily. It could be audio file, video file, PDF documents and much more.

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As state above, original WhatsApp is kind of boring. All these years it has got a lot of updates, and yet its user interface has never changed. It still has its old layout, which makes it less interesting.

In the competition of better user interface, FM WhatsApp APKis won. It offers a lot of themes and colorful graphics to choose from. It has a theme store, which is provided by the developer of YoWhatsApp, thus both have same theme store. This theme store is enriching with many different themes. In addition, new themes are added periodically.

Regular Updates

To keep the user experience new and exciting and to restrain it from becoming boring, FM WhatsApp APK keeps getting updated.

Emoji Variant

Not only this alternative app provides the regular emojis, it also offers emoji variants. For you to use. You have Stock, Facebook, Emoji One v3 and much more. You can use these emojis by downloading FM WhatsApp2 APK.

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Other Features

Besides these most highlighted features, this app has many more features to offer.

These features include the following

  • You can pin up to 100 chats, which is only 3 in WhatsApp.
  • By using filter calls, you can limit the number of people who can call you. So not everyone can call you.
  • Disable message recalling so the sender cannot delete the message sent to you.
  • You do not have to root the device to install it.

You can get all these by downloading it on your phone.


Now that you know how amazing are the features of FM WhatsApp APK, if you want to download it, you can find the links on Google. Alternatively, you can find the link to download here. Nevertheless, you have to make sure your device fulfills all the requirements first.

In order to download FM WhatsApp, all you need to do is go to a search engine like Google and search for FM WhatsApp APK download for Android. Among the search results, you can easily find its file and download it in your phone.


  • First, uninstall original WhatsApp after making a backup, or if you have already installed FM WhatsApp and wish to get the updates, you have to uninstall it.
  • Click on the downloaded file of FM WhatsApp APK.
  • Select Install.
  • Now the installation process will begin.
  • When the process is finished, login by entering your phone number.
  • By now, FM WhatsApp APK is successfully installed in your phone and is ready to operate.
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FM WhatsApp APK is a third party app, which cannot be found on any app store. However, downloading it online would not cause any harm to you or your device. So yes, it is a completely safe application.


This app is not very heavy. Therefore, it won’t effect your device’s system in a long run. It size is 52.0 MB


This app is only supporting Android devices. However, you have to make sure you device has a required version since it is compatible with a specific number of Android versions.

Android 4.4 and its above versions can easily download this app without any issues. These versions are compatible with it and no other version supports the app.


Whenever you get these updates, and you want to update your app, you can get them simply by deleting the old version and install the new one just like you did previously. The installation process remains same.

Final Words:

By now, you have a clear idea what FM WhatsApp APK is and how it can be useful for users. The best thing about it is it is free of cost services. You do not have to pay anything to download the app.

This app is enriched with so many features that original WhatsApp never introduced at first place. You can have an entirely new experience of using WhatsApp.

It can be downloaded easily and quickly. Its downloading file is available online as well as here. You can choose either one to get the app downloaded.

Talking about security, as it is the main concern of every user, FM WhatsApp APK is a safe application, which does not contain any malware or other virus. It would not harm your device. Furthermore, to take care of user privacy, FM WhatsApp APK has served its customers a lot more than official WhatsApp. It comes with default app lock, which protects user data.

In the nutshell, this app is greater in terms of services offered than the original version

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