Food Fighter Clicker APK + MOD (1.6.0 / Mod: Unlimited gems, money) v1.6.1

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Food Fighter Clicker MOD APK is a simulation game from the publisher fffungame. In the game, you will be a genuine mukbang. The more you eat, the more bonus points and upgrades you get. Are you ready for this culinary war?

Introduce about Food Fighter Clicker

No matter how passionate about eating you are, there must be a stop.

Eating is happiness

If you do not understand why there is a strange industry like mukbang in the world, you must once see a famous mukbang eating on Youtube. Seeing how they eat, savor each flavor, gobble up a bowl of noodles, swallow a giant candy, will your stomach boil. That is the interesting thing that eating brings to people.

If you still can’t figure it out, try to imagine that if every day, a person needs a certain number of vitamins and nutrients, why don’t they compress them all in one nutritional tablet and swallow it? Why do people need to eat? Simply because eating is not to give enough substance, but also to feel the taste, smell of the dishes which stimulate the nerves in the palate and thereby awaken all the senses, leading to feelings of happiness and joy. There’s nothing better than ending a hard day’s work with delicious and satisfying food, right?

What is Food Fighter Clicker?

Food Fighter Clicker is an extremely simple, easy-to-play, and super entertaining simulation game. Although the game is talking about food, you do not have to be a chef, nor open a restaurant or solve puzzles related to food at all. In Food Fighter Clicker, you only do one thing: Eat, eat, and eat.

Just like a proper eating “athlete”, any skill and ability will improve over time. At first, just one boiled egg is enough to make you feel like you are about to be full. But when you eat more, the stomach expands, the digestive system works harder and more efficiently, you will get used to the increasing amount of food. Your eating skills will be stronger, and you can eat an unexpected number of foods.


You will plunge into the true eating fight for survival. While people around you eat to live, on the contrary, you will live to eat and eat to have a lot of money. Each level will open with many different challenges with dishes from simple to complex, from little to more in quantity and size. The more you eat, the more money and diamonds you will get. You will use those two items to slowly upgrade your eating skills, such as increasing your bite power, increasing the frequency of bites in a second, increasing the chewing speed, the key bite, the size of your mouth, and the size of your stomach…

You should consider carefully to upgrade which skill and the ability for the most benefits for current challenges. For example, when the challenge is to eat L-size fish cake quickly, you need to prioritize increasing the size of your mouth and bite power, so that instead of taking 4 bites to finish the cake, now you just need to take one shot. Quickly, the victory is at your hand.

The higher the level, the more food you can unlock, the more money you get. Food Fighter Clicker is an endless loop of eating, in which you are the only fighter tasked with surpassing your own limits within a limited time.

Along with improving the eating skills, you can also change the avatar, change the skin for the character (hairstyle, outfit) and change the dining table. It’s just some small details but will be quite interesting if you can change it.

Food Fighter Clicker is also a wake-up call for many people’s passion for eating

But note to balance the amount of food in your mouth and your stamina. You should always keep an eye on the satiety index on the screen. When the stomach is too full, give the character one of the quick digestion solutions in the form of icons on the upper right of the screen, including Fart, Dung, and Stop Eating. If these solutions are not taken timely, you will collapse at any time. This function of Food Fighter Clicker in my opinion is very humane.

If you follow the news, you can also see that the mukbang industry on Youtube is an extremely miserable and dangerous profession. Because of the desire to attract viewers and comments, mukbang Youtubers are not afraid to do terrible things like eating all day and night, eating toxic food, eating huge dishes, eating a lot of oily food… All of these did/ will lead to a lot of bad consequences.

Typically, there have been many mukbangs with incurable diseases, hospitalized in a state of not being able to breathe. Or worse, their blood and brain are affected so badly, suddenly leading them to death. Many newspapers have mentioned this situation, but the attraction of money and fame is probably much higher. Anyway, back to Food Fighter Clicker, the above three solutions should serve as alarm bells to help you wake up in the middle of the game and give yourself a few minutes to relax before starting a new level.

Well, always remember to keep yourself healthy with an effective and reasonable diet! Everything must be in moderation.

Graphics and sound

Food Fighter Clicker uses simple 2D images. The character’s actions are just sitting there and eating every dish. But with a funny face shape, it is not clear whether your character is happy or sad because only the mouth and hands are active. When you eat more, your mouth will swell, your stomach will also swell up, your hands will be more agile. Each move in each level and each challenge looks quite funny. This is also an element of relaxation for the players.

The sound is also simple, mostly to create a feeling of lightness and excitement just enough for you to really transform into an “eating athlete” who eats every time. There are simple sound effects when getting points, diamonds; or chewing sounds when eating each dish. These are small but create a feeling of great excitement.

MOD APK version of Food Fighter Clicker

MOD feature

Unlimited Gems

Download Food Fighter Clicker MOD APK for Android

The game is cute with nothing difficult to understand. It’s okay to play with just one hand. Anyone who loves to eat and is dreaming of becoming a mukbang in the future should play Food Fighter Clicker once. Download the game here.

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