Mobdro APK Download Latest Version 2.1.30 (Official Website)

Mobdro APK Download: Entertainment has become a huge part of our lives. Everyone needs some sort of entertainment to refresh their mind. Since in today’s world, life is all about working hard to achieve your goals, we need to have some rest as well. And entertainment can be the best way to relax from fast-moving life.

As much as we want to be entertained, we do not want to invest much of our time or money in entertainment. Today’s man wants everything on the tip of their fingers. Food, banking, socializing and of course, entertainment. We want to listen to music, watch movies, sports, and news, all on our smartphone. Fortunately, we can have it now.

Taking into account the increasing demand, there are many applications on the internet that offers their services for maximum enjoyment of media content. These services are free as well as paid, depending upon the number of features.

But how do we choose the best app that offers maximum benefits? Well, you don’t have to worry, we know which one it is.

Mobdro APK is a video streaming app that lets you enjoy the media content in the most convenient way. You can download Mobdro APK on your mobile device or tablet and enjoy it. It is programmed to be in the constant search the web in order to provide the best free videos and bring them in your devices. The videos are not limited to a limited number of countries. In fact, they are being streamed from all around the world.

As a video streaming platform, Mobdro APK offers a variety of categories to its users. You can use Mobdro APK to find out multiple videos and get the best available entertainment.

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There are a variety of features that makes Mobdro APK one of its kind. These features attract the users and they choose Mobdro APK among all other media streaming apps. Here are some of the main features of Mobdro APK

  • Mobdro APK of free of cost. It does not require any downloading charges or registration charges prior to its use
  • It has another version, which is paid. It is called Mobdro APK premium. It is not free however; it offers more services than the free version. You can have access to all the features in the premium account.
  • Multiple genres are available to watch. Multiple categories help users view as many videos as they desire. In this way, they will never get bored of Mobdro APK.
  • It is available on all types of screen sizes. You don’t need to worry about various sort of screen sizes. Mobdro APK can be played in all sorts.
  • The UI (user interface) is super easy to use. Users never face any hard time in operating the app.
  • You can easily filter out the videos based on your preference like category, likeable topic, language, and so forth.
  • Just as Mobdro APK provides the best services of online media streaming, it offers offline version as well. You can download any video you wish, and watch them offline whenever you want to. Not every media app is going to give you that advantage.
  • It also provides you video sharing app, which, again, is unique feature. You can share the videos with everyone you want.
  • There are multiple channels for you to choose from. You can select whichever you desire. The total number of channels is 209. All of those are working in a good quality stream. The list includes the most viewed channels like Cartoon Network, HBO, ABC, Vox, SyFy, Starz Edge and many more
  • If you wish to watch TV shows/ TV series, then Mobdro is the perfect match for you. It offers 100+ different shows. Including Anime center, Dragon Ball, Batman, Game of Thrones, Narcos, mission impossible and so forth. All of the shows are categorized in the alphabetical order.
  • If you are a fan of movies, then you will love its feature of categorizing the movies based on genre. This includes Action, Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Documentary, Horror, etc.
  • For sports enthusiasts, Mobdro has the most popular sports channels such as ESPN, WWE, Fox Sports, Sports Net, Box nation, etc.
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Now that you have seen, there are tons of more options available inside the app. Who wouldn’t want to be benefited from this amazing app?

If you wish to discover more features, you can download Mobdro APK now and check them out.

Version Info:

File Type .apk
Android Version Support 4.0 or higher
File Size 18 MB
Mods Availabilty Yes
Video Quality HD Streaming


If you want to download the best video streaming app in your phone, it is suggested that you keep reading. Below will be discussed ways that are easy and simple to download. These steps would not take much of your time either. So lets get started.


Following are the steps to follow easy download.

  • For successful download, you need to make sure that your mobile have enough storage. If you don’t, it is recommended that you delete some data from the phone before proceeding the download. Otherwise, Mobdro APK would not be downloaded in your device.
  • Before downloading, you need to allow the unknown sources
  • Go to settings and click on allow unknown sources. This step is necessary for APK file to be downloaded.
  • Now search for MOBDRO APK FILE DOWNLOAD in Google. You will easily download it fromthe internet without any difficulty.
  • Click on the link provided in the website. Your file download will begin now
  • Wait for some moments. The download will hardly take some seconds.
  • Once downloading is done, your device will notify you about it.
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Hopefully, now you know how to download the file successfully. Now you have to install it. So let’s learn how to install Mobdro APK.

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  • First of all, open the file of Mobdro APK that you have just downloaded.
  • You will see a popup box appearing
  • The Popup box will ask for permission to use the resources of your Android devices. Usually, these resources include Internet access, storage access, and media access and so on.
  • You are required to provide all these basic information to install the app.
  • Once you permit the access, the installation will begin automatically.
  • Wait to some seconds
  • When the installation is complete, an icon of Mobdro APK will appear on the home screen.
  • Once installed, you can enjoy unlimited media streaming anytime and anywhere now.


If you are an Android user and want to have the app on your smartphone, it’s really easy. Nevertheless, just in case you want to take unlimited media action to the bigger screens, say your personal computer. Can you do that?

Yes. You can download the app in your PC. Here are the steps showing how you can successfully download MOBDRO APK for PC.

Before going towards the downloading process, please be noted that downloading MOBDRO APK directly for PC is not possible. This app is currently launched for Android devices only. There is no version of Mobdro APK that supports Windows or Mac.

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However, you can still enjoy unlimited entertainment on your PC. In order to have this amazing app in your system, all you need to do is install the emulator. Emulators will bridge the gap between Android and Windows/Mac systems. Using the emulators is completely safe and secure. There are some trusted emulators like Blue Stacks or NoxApp, which are readily available online.


Kodi is a free application for media playing. It offers you access to the stream, watches, and download media content.If you wish to download Mobdro APK for Kodi, then here are the following steps to be followed.

  • First of all, you need to install the repository. Repositories are the sources that are essential to install an add-on on Kodi. Mobdro can be found in BookmarkLite repository.
  • At the top left of your homepage, click on the Setting gear icon.
  • Select the file manager.
  • On the left, you can see the option for Add sources file. Click on that option.
  • Add source file will popup. Click on none.
  • Add the URL of bookmark lite repository.
  • Add the name of source file. You may call it Mobdro.
  • Select OK.
  • Now, return to the homepage and click on Add-ons.
  • Click on package installer icon located at the top left corner.
  • Click on install from zip file.
  • Install with zip file tab will appear. Now you have to enter the name of the source file (Mobdro, in this case).
  • Select
  • Now the repository will start downloading. The popup will appear at the top right.
  • Select install from repository.
  • Select Bookmark lite.
  • Click on Video Add-ons.
  • Click on Mobdro
  • Install

Now you have successfully installed Mobdro on your Kodi. You can open it and enjoy media streaming now.


Mobdro is one of the best applications for streaming media online. The quality of the video is excellent which makes it more exciting to use. You can watch movies, drama series, sports, news channels, documentaries, and much more different categories.

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