NEWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version 7.05 in {2020} [Official]

It is a lite version of modified WhatsApp, which is available for download in Pink mode. If you want to know how exactly this version looks like, there are some screenshots attached below so you can have a look.

This app is beautiful, colorful and enriches with valuable features. It has more features than the original WhatsApp so it is of more value. As good as other mod versions of WhatsApp but in a beautiful interface.

It also offers multiple themes. Themes that belong to GB WhatsApp hence called GB Themes. You can also download themes from the store or your phone as well.

Some people are very precise when it comes to their favorite color. They want everything painted in that particular color. Most of the time, teens, especially girls like Pink color. If you are one of those who love the color pink, you might want to download and experience this mod version of WhatsApp that is all about pink color. It is similar to every other mod version of WhatsApp with the touch of Pink. This app also comes with some good privacy controls and other valuable options.

NE WhatsApp APK offers all the features that are offered by FM WhatsApp APK too. If you love FM WhatsApp, you will surely love this one as well.

NE WhatsApp APK is created by Nasser aka altornedo7; he also developed WhatsGold version and many more like that.

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Below are listed some key features that make this app unique and different from other apps. Let’s look at them one by one.


Recently, WhatsApp has introduced the delete option for messages that are already sent. Whatever you have sent to the other person, if you wish, you can delete it. So you dint have to worry if you have sent a message to the wrong person, you have sent a wrong text, you can now delete them before they read.

However, deleting the message after sending it feels really annoying to the person you are talking to. He becomes more curious as to what could it possibly be. It might become the reason for fight in extreme cases.

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Therefore, NE WhatsApp has come with a creative solution. It offers Anti Revoke option, which, if enabled, will not let the other person delete the sent message. You deserve to know what was sent to you and NE WhatsApp APK ensures you definitely do. No more curiosity to find out what was deleted.

How to Active the feature?

Go to settings >> tap on privacy >> click on Anti Revoke


If you are not in the mood of talking to certain people and just wish you could use WhatsApp anonymously, NE WhatsApp has good news for you.

With NE WhatsApp APK, you can freeze the last seen. What it means is that you can be active WhatsApp but no one will see it. They will only see your last seen.

How to activate this feature?

Tap the three dotted button>> go to privacy >> click on Freeze last seen.


If you are too shy, or too egoistic to view someone’s WhatsApp status but at the same time you really want to, you have an amazing option. With NE WhatsApp APK you can enable this feature. It will allow you to view anyone’s status and he or she will never find out. So don’t worry about not being able to see the updates about someone, because now you can.

How to enable this feature?

Go to three-dotted button >> Select Privacy >> Tap on hiding Status View.


Are you tired of the limit WhatsApp has for sharing media? Do you also find it annoying to send a maximum of 30 images at a time or limited MBs of video to share? Well, you are not the only one.

Many people find this constrain very annoying. They just want to share the media files as quick as possible without any interruption. However, WhatsApp keeps interrupting them and doesn’t let us share a bulk of media files at once.

NE WhatsApp APK frees you from this burden. It has overcome the obstacle and allows users to share videos up to 2 GB (Which is HUGE!). The images with high resolution can be shared with no problem.

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How to enable this feature?

Go to Three dotted buttons>> select PLUS >> select Media Sharing Option.


The developer of NE WhatsApp APK considered user’s privacy and introduced many different features related to privacy settings.

It offers a variety of different privacy settings such as hide status read, hide recoding voice, hide typing option, and hide play status and so forth.

How to enable this feature?

Go to Three dotted lines >> select privacy>> choose from the list the option you want to enable.


The best feature in NE WhatsApp APK is that it offers so many features that every user can customize its own version of NEWA according to their personality, likes, and dislikes.

You can almost customize every part of this app.

Similarly, you can change the user interface as well. It comes with some different designs, which can be changed to the transparent, gradient, the color of your choice or any picture.

You can change the tick styles and bubble styles too. That’s not all, it has various other options waiting for you to explore them.

How to enable this feature?

Go to three-dotted buttons>> click on Plus>> select Customization.

Hopefully, by now you know that this app is a must-have. So how about learning to download NE WhatsApp APK? If you want to, keep on reading.

Below mentioned are the easy steps to follow for a successful download of NE WhatsApp APK.

Version Info

Size24 - 42 MB
DeveloperAltornedo7 (Nasser)
Last UpdatedJuly 19, 2019
Version7.05 {Anti-Ban}
VariantsLite and Full



It is recommended that you download the file of NEWA from a trustworthy source such as here, to be safe from malware and other kinds of viruses. Otherwise, your device might get one of those viruses and affect you negatively. So go to Google and search for NE WhatsApp APK download, it will show you the websites offering this version to download. Alternatively, you can simply download it from here

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NE WhatsApp APK also comes in the market with the name NEWSA so if you ever come across this name, know that they both are same.

NE WhatsApp APK can be used in your phone as a secondary account. And for primary account, you may choose to have YoWhatsApp or GB WhatsApp installed.

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You are strongly recommended to have a backup before proceeding ahead.

Open WhatsApp >> go to Setting >>go to Chat>> head over Chat Backup >>tap the Green button.

Once you are done, you can go ahead and install NE WhatsApp APK safely now.

Installation Process:

Here are the steps you have to follow to successfully install NE WhatsApp APK. These steps are simple, easy and not that time-consuming.

1. download the NE WhatsApp APK file from the internet.

2. Uninstall the official WhatsApp. You do not need it anymore.

3. Open the downloaded file and tap on Install. Now the installation process will begin.

4. Click on Done to complete the process.

5. Open the app and it will ask you to enter the number. Simply enter the one which you want to login from.

6. Finally, you have to restore all the data. You will get this option when it finds out the backup, Simple tap on Restore and all your chat will be back.


NE WhatsApp APK is one of the best and the most beautiful version of MODDED WhatsApp alternatives. It is very simple and that is why it is very popular amongst its users. This app is popular among 1.5 billion users worldwide.

It provides users with many personalized options in order to let each of them decide how they want their NEWA to look like. It gives the control to user ranging from privacy to user interface; it lets the user choose them.

The most eye-catching and attracting feature of NE WhatsApp APK is its Pink colored user interface. Although it is just like official WhatsApp, it comes with more demanded features that WhatsApp has never introduced.

It also lets you perform many tasks anonymously. You can use it anonymously by hiding from everyone. You can also secretly see anyone’s status update without letting them know.

Remember that NE WhatsApp APK is a third-party app that cannot be found in the official app stores. However, it can be easily found online. It does not have any subscription charges and is free to download. However, for your security, it recommends that you install an Antivirus on your phone. After that, you can enjoy this amazing app without any worries.

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