Download PUBG MOBILE Apk + Data OBB For Android [PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds]

PUBG game is the latest gaming sensation most of the people worldwide playing and enjoying. I don’t think so that there is a single android gamer who does not know about this game. This game is actually a new norm in the industry of multiplayer gameplay. It is the best chance for users to have fun and enjoying time with their friends. The basis of PUBG mobile APK is action and strategy gameplay.

In this game, the players have to get integrated with their friends to become the end victor. The basic idea of this game is to kill or to be killed. The ultimate goal of the player in this game is to suffer while being surrounded with other ninety-nine rivals. The core requirement of gamer is just accurate gaming strategy. They have a choice to select the defensive form or to go for all attack mode. You can yourself get an idea that this game requires to give the users the best graphics. The developers of this game are continuously working on this part. PUBG game gets constantly update for being tuned with all the innovative and new trends in the market.


PUBG Mobile Apk begins with the best 100 players belongs to the entire globe on a chopper. With the initial signal of the beginning, all the players have to jump off. They will parachute by an 8×8 island. This game will actually give you the vibes of a well-known series of hunger games. These both games are the basis of similar concepts. The player in this game is obliged for the formation of alliance and making new friends while playing the game.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG Mobile APK) Download

Download Pubg Mobile OBB File

This all can only happen by the elimination of player’s other ninety rivals. In PUBG game the player has to collect weapons, create potential strategies, and have to suffer from the tough blows and attacks of the opponent. The gamer will have to explore the whole island and move through the deserted houses, roads, hills, and such other things in hunt of other players. The essential thing to keep in player’s mind is that he should always cover his back because the enemy can strike at any time, no one knows. It just requires a fraction of second to alter through hunt from being hunted.

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The core motive of this article is to give all the essential details of PUBG mobile game. You will be learning all its features, installation process, and gameplay tips for the player too. So let’s begin;

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File Info

Version0.15.0 [Latest]
Last Update18 October 2019
Offered ByTencent

Some Distinctive Features Of PUBG Mobile:

Games are one of the best sources of entertainment. Most of the people choose to consume their time on games to take a break from frantic routine, or they find the gaming world as their profession too. There are more than billions of games from which a person choose to play according to his taste in games. But PUBG is the game of own type. These days this game is high on-trend all over the world. All the gamers are appreciating this game in any possible way. PUBG is a complete package of entertainment and action which requires teamwork, strategies, and reflexes too.

Some of the more distinctive features of the game are mention below.


The PUBG mobile Apk is an interactive game and realistic gameplay. This game has the potential to take the gamer to their entertaining imaginary world. The application of this game comes with several interactive features of strategy and battle. The thing you are in need to do is to present a great collaboration with co-players and power to rock on the battleground.


PUBG android game facilitates you in another way to play the game in a team. You can easily corporate your team with your friends, which will make your game stronger. There is no doubt to say that without collaboration, no game would get accomplished.


The latest PUBG android game facilitates you with three different maps; Erangel, Miramar and similarly the Sanhok. In this regard, you can choose the right map according to your requirement and show all the skills of playing game you have.


PUBG Android game gives its users a great variety of weapons which includes Pistols, Shot Guns, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Submachine guns, and such other. Those weapons will let you do several operations, for instance, beating your rivals, shooting, or incinerating.


The player can easily customize the weapons and his character according to his need and wish. The APK of this game guarantees to give all the rights of customization to its players. You can easily set the weapons and characters in the way you want and get entertained with it.


PUBG mobile application has several different modes for the gamer, such as illustration war mode, mini zone mode, sniper mode, duo mode, solo mode, squad mode, and similarly much more. All these modes are fascinating in their respective manner. Due to this everything is up to you, you have to choose the mode and consume your time to get entertained from it.


After the latest update, the game allows the player to set his own style. The game acquires a vast collection of vehicles which are all able to make the part of racing with a certain rival, and you can make it faster to escape successfully.

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Installation Of PUBG Mobile Apk:

The installation process of PUBG mobile app is similar and simple, like all other apk games.

  • The very first step is to download the file. There are several links and options available on the internet where you can easily PUBG mobile download.
  • After downloading, the gamer will be directed to the installation page of the game.
  • There will be an option to install; clicking that option will begin the installation process.
  • That’s all you have to do. Now customize the character and begin to play your game.

Do You Know About PUBG Mobile Mod Apk?

PUBG Mobile apk mod is much more modified than the simple available game. It facilitates you in some other ways. The features of this mod are advanced. The features of mod Apk are;

  • Color hack and wheel hack
  • Uncountable bullets an Aimbot
  • PUBG Mod APk unlimited UC
  • Unlimited BP
  • PUBG speed hack and tracking
  • Long jump, antenna, and high view
  • Unlimited health
  • Great quality of graphics and HD Audio
  • Weapons are realistic, and everything is in an unlimited amount
  • Apply the cheats of the game without any issue
  • Boosting your score and get up
  • Traveling in style
  • Online multiplayer mood accessibility
  • Daily bonuses
  • All bugs are fixed

There are some other features of this Mod too which are not mentioned. This Mod version is amazing and quite fascinating to play. Similar to this you can get PUBG mobile hack apk for more fun.

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Game Play Screen Shots:

Some Tips For Playing PUBG Mobile:

Following some tips will make you play this game more potentially. I am mentioning some tips below which will help you more.

  • The gamer should land in the place full of things and stuff to loot. The place should get select with complete clarity and precision.
  • Make your first rule to loot all the things first. You should initially spend some time to collect all the available things. It will make your position strong in front of opponents.
  • You should know all the weapons you have and shoot only when your weapons are in range. Going above the range of your weapon will make you weak and you will lose your position.
  • Always keep an eye on the map for reaching safe areas. Focusing on the map will give the player information about all the diminishing play areas. Keeping an eye on the map is essentially same as playing the game.
  • You should always grab the wheels for going to different locations. Using a vehicle is better to move on the whole island. Finding vehicles is an easy task. There are several vehicles are located on the map.
  • Collaborate with your team players is a must. It is an essential thing to do. For excelling through the PUBG game, it is the best way you can go for.


PUBG Mobile Apk gives you the chance to have a journey to the island. There you will have to jump off from the chopper and begin to play your game. You will be surrounded by ninety-nine players. The best engagement in the battle is due to perfect design multiplayer gameplay. The downloading process of this game is simple and easy. The features of this game are quite fascinating. It is the complete action and entertainment package for its gamers.

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