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Real Boxing 2 MOD APK is the sports game by Vivid Games S.A. When the trailer was released, it created a storm. People competed to discuss, wait and speculate about it. And when it came out, it immediately became a huge hit. From here, the concept of “playing boxing on mobile is not fun” completely changes.

Introduce about Real Boxing 2
It’s not tennis, rugby or football, but boxing really is the “bloodyest” field of play, both literally and figuratively. You can confirm this statement when you play the game Real Boxing 2 that I am going to tell you about next.

Unlike many other sports games I have played and given all of them some reviews, this time with Real Boxing 2 I want to talk about its picture and sound first.

The images and sound are so vivid that they give you goosebumps.
According to the developer, Real Boxing 2 is based on the Unreal Engine graphics platform, which is currently the best technology in the world of mobile gaming, which can be compared to the PC level. So when it comes to the smoothness, suppleness, and vividness of the entire image, there is nothing to complain about. You can see the boxer’s muscles vibrating with every movement, you can witness the flashy explosions of the opponents on the field. Then the wounds appear, the blood stains gradually spread and deepen. Just looking at them is painful. The simulation is not only reasonable and realistic, but also touches the player’s emotions. Much. This game is not for fun but to get stressed like a real boxer.

Real Boxing 2 for Android 1440×810
The arena in Real Boxing 2 is also not a place for you to feel free. From the very first steps, your ears can be immersed in the loud cheers of the audience. With each hit there is a ferocious sound, which is enough for how hard it is. Not to mention the slow-motion screens every time one of the two falls highlights the gore of this heavy sport.

In short, weak souls will easily panic with this game. Only warriors of steel stand firm in battle.

no ordinary fighter
Although not a very specific famous model is taken, the character options in Real Boxing 2 are quite numerous and highly customizable. You can comfortably shape your boy, from hair to tattoos, chest muscles, arm muscles, specialized gloves, costumes, shoes, headbands, bracelets…

The cool and somewhat rough appearance of the boxers here oftentimes reminds me of the hot Mortal Kombat X before. But you have to face it and the excitement that Real Boxing 2 brings is something completely new, completely different. It’s real, painful like real life, without mixing any supernatural abilities or fiction.

Real Boxing 2 MOD APK Download 1440×810
All attacks and defenses of Real Boxing 2 characters, no matter how fiery, strictly adhere to the rules of traditional boxing (especially not using legs, only using hands). And no matter how strong the guy is, he’s just an ordinary person, not a superhero. A super strong attack in Real Boxing only stops at the level of the “miracle gloves” that emit a cold blue gas at the back of the enemy’s neck, not the magic punch. That’s what I really like. Called a boxing game, it must be true.

how to play
Real Boxing 2 has three game modes: Single Player, Multiplayer and Career. Playing in single player mode, you will fight against the AI ​​boxer. In multiplayer mode, there are direct battles with other players. Career mode will be a constant challenge to forge you from a “chicken” boxer to a “stubborn chicken” through matches and challenges, and eventually, you will become a world boxing legend.

Through the fights, if you win, you will be able to improve the main stats of the boxer, including Strength, Stamina, Speed ​​and Stamina. Unlock new skills, awesome equipment to level up and get more chances to knock out your opponents.

Real Boxing 2 MOD by APKMODY 1440×810
Every action on your mobile will help you to let your boxer perform powerful attacks against the opponent: horizontal hook, reverse hook, left thrust, extreme direct hit… Everything you have seen and screamed howling in the famous boxing matches in television exists here. . Victory only comes when you really pay attention and put all your effort into your offense and defense.

Combine unique attacks, identify the weak points of the enemy. Use attacks that don’t cost too much energy but are high speed and heal quickly to deal with enemies with slow attack speed. Conversely, use dangerous moves with a bit of slow healing to quickly finish off hyperactive enemies that have too many weak points.

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