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Add a little color to your life with a small, purely entertaining, and very fun game called Royal Match MOD APK. The match-3 game is easy to play, but so much fun.

Introduce about Royal Match
Match 3 to make the huge castle!

It’s very common to see a match-3 game on mobile. And to make this classic game genre always new with different colors, the producers have always found ways to include stories, details, symbols, rich scenes, or even combine it with one or two other game genres.

Royal Match is a match 3 game from the publisher Dream Games, Ltd. But it is designed in a whole new style. Here, players will not only play match 3 but also participate in an epic adventure.

In a certain wonderland, the kind old king was always worrying about everything around. His perfectionism was both beneficial and harmful. He ruled the country and the people all the time, he never rested for a moment. Everyone loved and believed in him. But the bad thing was that because he had wanted to make everything so perfect (even the thing couldn’t be moved), everyone felt quite heavy. Now, the task he issued is considered extremely difficult for the royal craftsmen, and you are the one to bear all the responsibility. In Royal Match, you will be given the responsibility to restore the splendor of the castle, turn it into a magnificent palace with many functional areas that must be flawless.

Royal Match on APKMODY 1440×810
In order to do this great work, you will have to break through more and more difficult obstacles around you and combine with power supports along the way to find the most expensive furniture and get the best materials to put in to improve the beauty of the castle.

Surely you have guessed the game motif already? Match-3 is just a tool to make the journey of renovating, designing, and decorating the castle go smoothly. It is not about getting points for fun anymore, but for collecting many rare and precious items for the castle. Those items include interior and exterior furniture, and gold coins to buy many other valuable items.

The gameplay is also quite simple. Touch the screen, move different items to combine them, making clusters of similar items in rows and columns. In each row/column, if there are 3 or more items of the same type and of the same color, they will automatically disappear from the screen, and you will receive gold coins. The more difficult and the smarter the move, or the more clusters of the same item appear at the same time after each move, the more coins you will receive.

After many times of leveling up, the money you have in hand will help you buy the necessary items to redecorate the castle, and then renovate and build your whole village.

Royal Match APK download 1440×810
The items in each game screen are also very diverse. Depending on the level and the items the player needs to gather, they can be birds, different types of color boxes, cabinets, beds, piggy banks, mysterious gift boxes, magic hats, and even diamonds in many colors…

Many quests are waiting
Well, as you see, the gameplay and operations in Royal Match are nothing new. It’s still a classic traditional match-3 game. But it is the story, the episodes, and countless missions that give players many fascinating experiences.

For example, while playing match-3, you will have the opportunity to admire the royal rooms, the vast green garden, the study area of ​​the princes. It is not always possible to enjoy such a high-quality “living space” in real life.

For another example, in some match-3 stages, there will be power-ups appearing, you will have to find a way to collect them as much as possible, make the most of them for many deletion screens, and collect as much money as you can.

Royal Match for Android 1440×810
Or if you want, you can invite your friends on Facebook to play together and compete for a high position in the rankings.

Royal Match has thousands of levels, enough for you to try for a long time. Of course, the level of difficulty is also increasing, but in return, the rewards are also increasingly attractive. There are also precious treasure chests that give you a huge fortune to buy any item you want.

MOD APK version of Royal Match
MOD feature
Unlimited Money

Money is not reduced when used.

Download Royal Match APK & MOD for Android
It has beautiful graphics, an engaging story, no Wi-Fi required, and many match-3 scenes are designed perfectly. The scenery of castles and villages opens a lot of emotions, taking you playing for passion in just a few minutes. If you want to play, relax, and have the opportunity to “feed your eyes” with so many beautiful colors, nothing is more ideal than Royal Match.

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