[Official] Showbox APK v5.35 | 60M+ Active Downloads on Android

Showbox app Apk is a true savior for android users who are looking for a reliable and free of cost video streaming application. The Showbox APK comes with amazing features letting its users enjoy free movies, their favorite shows. Showbox APK users can also download their desired media to be viewed later.

This video streaming app doesn’t only have old movies and Tv shows online but, also, has many new media such as the box office hits, and trending shows online, weekly.  All that is needed is a strong internet connection and you are ready to stream your favorite shows and movies any time.

However, like other online streaming apps, Showbox App cannot be found on Google Play Store. Android users need to download this application from a trusted website. Since downloading the Showbox Apk can be cumbersome thus sideloading from other platforms is preferred. However, this is not the only option for downloading Showbox APK to phones. There are more ways o download this app as mentioned.

How to Download Showbox APK

Sideloading other applications from Google play can be quiet difficult. Showbox is much easier to download and install. Finding the right Showbox APK can be difficult so for your convenience we have a link right here you can download this amazing application from!

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Steps to download the last version of Showbox App

  • Tap the link for Showbox APK provides at the end of this article or the QR code given below can be scan by your android smartphone.
  • Before the download starts, enable and allow the installation of application from external sources by changing the phone’s settings.  In the settings option, permit Unknown sources.
  • Now click the link given at the end of this article or scan the QR code
  • From the file location option, download the APK file
  • Click on Showbox Apk from the file and accept the terms and conditions to get the device installing.
  • After the installation is complete, you can launch or open the application to explore this app.
  • On opening the application for the first time, some movies and shows related data are also installed.
  • For smooth functioning of Showbox App Apk, an update may be required. Updating the application makes it bug-free so hat uninterrupted streaming of movies and Tv shows can be enjoyed.
  • After the application has loaded all the required data, users can download and search for their desired shows and movies through a long list preloaded for them.
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A Guide to Installing Showbox Apk

While surfing Showbox Apk app one may experience some errors such as server down or video not available, Showbox cannot play this video as the videos may be unavailable in the user’s region. These kinds of errors have no trusted resolution. However, if Google Play doesn’t have the Showbox application,  a resolution can’t be asked for. An alternative to this is the VPN services available.

  • Download Opera VPN or Turbo VPN, Or any other trusted VPN.
  • Connect the server to a trusted US server
  • The way to do it is: Phone settings >Showbox>Storage>Cache memory and Data (Clear it)
  • Restart the Showbox application and reload the video for smooth streaming.

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Showbox Features

Showbox Apk is equipped with many features to make video streaming extremely enjoyable for users. Here are some features which make Showbox Apk one of the best online streaming apps.

  • High-quality videos are available for streaming, Movie prints are in HD and the audio-visual quality is remarkable. Users can download their favorite shows and movies in the best suitable video formant and all the content is in HD quality.
  • Showbox Apk is totally free, so no subscription charges or monthly subscription hassle on the user’s end.
  • Videos can be stream anywhere and anytime.  Movies and shows can be watched while on a journey or back home.
  • There is no requirement of a sign-up or login to stream live videos.
  • Newly added features and Bug fixes
  • Users who don’t want to keep switching between music and video streaming apps can now make use of Showbox Music. This is already installed in Showbox Apk so any genres of music can be enjoyed.
  • The back end issue has been resolved so Showbox application installation speed has boosted in the latest version.
  • Manual language selection option has been adding.
  • Even when users don’t have access to the internet, inbuilt games can be enjoyed on the application.
  • Trailers of upcoming Tv shows and latest movies are always available for live streaming.
  • A new feature, “Track your friends”, lets users keep track of movies and shows their friends are streaming.
  • The download feature has been bug-fixed so downloading videos doesn’t abruptly stop before reaching completion. This has enabled a smooth downloading of videos.
  • ShowBox v5.09, version of Showbox Apk comes with floating button bug fix. So now users can easily place the floating button on the right-hand corner of their screens to start the content that was last played.
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File type .apk
File Size 39.1 MB
Requires Android Version 4.0 or above
Package name com.tdo.showbox
Version 5.35
Download Time 10 Seconds
Video quality HD 720 Pixels
Updated August 2, 2019
Features Free movies, series, tv and music

Top 10 Alternatives: Applications similar to Showbox

  • Netflix
  • Moviebox
  • Teatv
  • Prime Videos
  • Fox Movies
  • Shop Tv
  • Free Felix HQ
  • Sling Tv
  • Tubitv
  • Playbox HD

Final Word

With Showbox Apk, users have endless possibilities to enjoy their favorite videos on their fingertips. From adding subtitles to your videos to rich features in the latest Showbox Apk application, this is one app which is topping the video streaming app charts.  The above-mentioned way to download this amazing application is extremely easy, moreover, a user-friendly interference is what makes watching movies and shows even more fun. Download today and in case of queries, drop your question below!

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