Top 15 Best Evernote Alternatives for Android and iOS in 2022

If you are an Evernote user, you have most likely come to fish information for better alternates to Evernote. Why? This is because as you use become familiar with this app you come to realize its limitations and restrictions of tools and shortcuts which are actually a necessity in the everyday race against time chronics.

Evernote is the one app on which the user has been taking notes since literally forever! This app has a variety of option to choose from while taking notes ranging from taking notes on the voice note option, text notes, moreover, it allows you to copy paste web articles by the Web Clipper tool.

Despite these pros, Evernote does have some cons like no markdown support as the HTML in the editor doesn’t work efficiently and messes up the text documents. Another drawback is the connection of the limited device i.e. only two can be connected at once, there is no end-to-end encryption which raises security issues plus notes get dismissed if you record them in the offline mode. Thus Evernote seems pretty useless when there is no internet access. Another major problem is that it costs about $4.99/moth which raises the question… Is this app even worth that money?

However since there are much note taking proficient note taking advanced apps available, there is no need to keep cursing and whining about Evernote drawbacks, we have enlisted a couple of apps that can easily answer that question,  but what can be better than Evernote? Here are top 15 best Evernote alternatives for note taking you can lean on.

1.   Simplenote

It is quick and easy, as the name suggests, it is simple and easy to navigate UI. It has a friendly interference, editing tools are easy to find and you can easily make notes, a to-do list, reminders and much more.  In comparison to Evernote, Simplenote works offline so when you take notes offline; you can sync the content whenever you go online.  The app is pretty light on disc space, hardly occupies few MBS plus its totally free which is a bonus!

Platforms: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, Web

Download For IOS Download For Android

2. Turtl

Turtl app is specifically designed for people who are conscious about the privacy of their notes. After setting up a password on your Turtle account, a key is created which encrypts your entire account.  Turtle app has access to several platforms like Chrome, Firefox, macOS, android, windows, Linux so no matter which operating system user you are, it caters to almost everyone’s requirements.  The missing element in Turtl app is that it is internet dependent so it loses access to notes when you are offline, in addition to this, it doesn’t embed images so almost one picture can be accommodated in the notes.

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Platforms: Windows, Linux, Android

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3.   Joplin

It is most probably the all-rounder app with its versatile features. These include syncing the notes while on offline mode, sports end to end encryption, supports Markdown, file attachments and works on mobile as well as portable computers.  It has a simple, friendly interface, times alarms for your t-do list and supports tags for notes plus has web clipper thus making access to clean content easier, it also saves full pages from browser extensions.  Other than this if you get stuck on this app and need help you can always open the Github and a new forum for your query will be opened. You issues are resolved here by the app creator.

Joplin is pretty interactive as it has several mediums of language interferences i.e. English French and Spanish.  One downside of Joplin is that it doesn’t give quick access to Linux clients have to click several times for synchronizing to proceed. Other than this it is pretty perfect for people who need an easy to comprehend interference to write notes, the bonus point? It’s free of cost!

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

Download For IOS Download For Android

4.    Elephant

Evernote and Elephant is a replica of each other, however, Elephant is an open source app. Elephant comes with a simple interference which means it is not overloaded with editing tools and shows only basic essential tools on the main page. The file storage is not over Cloud, in fact, notes files can be stored locally for added security and privacy. Uploading files is much easier by merely dragging the file and dropping it to the files column.  The best feature is its high compatibility for Mac OS, Windows, and Linux users. The cons of this app include no support for mobile devices and that there is no “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) editor system. Other than this it is an ideal app for those who want to switch taking notes to an app in resemblance to Evernote.

 Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux

Download For IOS Download For Android

5.   Zoho Notebook

Are you a mix of nerd and swag? If yes then Zoho is the best of both worlds! Best ever for Ipad users giving easy access to writing and editing tools right at the tip of your fingers. Zoho Notebook has the best visual appeal so you will feel like you are taking notes in a notebook which offers various color schemes to pick from. This app offers text-notes, voice-notes and even lets you insert pictures to the text so your notes never feel haphazard and incomplete.

The web clipping tool helps saving articles from websites to be reviewed later.  You can quickly record a note without the need of opening the app plus color coding of notes helps keep them organized. So it is basically equipped with the best note taking features in the coolest way!

Platform: macOS, Android, iOS, Web

Download For IOS Download For Android

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6. Notion

This application is excellent for blending the titbits of mental notes and short notes for people in business management who have to manage teams at workplaces.  It can be accessed via various web browsers easily with markup support which lets you manage integrated tasks and databases.  On this app, you can build your own dashboard which caters to all services like calendars and important notes, tasks, alerts.  An infinite number of pages can be put into one notebook which helps compiling notes easier in one place.

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You don’t need calculators; Notion offers efficient working spreadsheets for that purpose to cross-reference data from various platforms.  This app has a friendly interference and works similarly on mobile devices as well as on the desktop. However, the top con with this program is simple tables in markdown is missing.

Platforms: Windows, macOS, iOS, Web, Android

Download For IOS Download For Android

7.    OneNote by Microsoft

OneNote works like Evernote with added benefits that firstly if you are a Microsoft fan this is the perfect app for you! Secondly it is free of cost and lastly, it’s a cross-platform app which means you can avail this on any screen! Likewise Evernote it has its own web-clipping tool so clipping articles from websites is easier, saving audio-notes and text-notes with pictures is no more a hassle.  But if you don’t have a Microsoft account then you won’t have access to OneNote so that’s a drawback, troubleshooting while synchronising g notes might be a problem at times.

Supported Platforms: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Web, Apple Watch, Android , Chromebook

Download For IOS Download For Android

8.    Bear

This is something for the creative writers out there. Bear offers various designs and styles at the stroke of your fingers.  It easily converts PDF files to Word Docs and has shortcuts to add links and organizing notes according to your taste.  It works at a super fast speed and has an exclusive interference which is not at all perplexing for the users. However, as it only supports iOS. But yes, it is free of cost as well!


Download For IOS Download For Android

9. Boostnote

An ideal notes taking app which is of benefit for program developers who frequently need tools with code snippets and syntax highlighting. It comes in with various themes and color schemes so personal customization is fun. The app supports markdown and cross- platforms. It is absolutely free to use with offline notes taking option which can be synchronized later. But like every app has cons, this one has a poor synchronizing speed which makes it more time consuming to work on.

 Platforms: Windows/MacOS/Linux 

Download For IOS Download For Windows

10. Apple Notes

This is another solid alternative to Evernote for Apple users. If you own an iPad,  iPhone or a Mac book.  Lately, Apple gadgets had small yellow notes keeping icons but now it has been fully advanced and developed into a task-oriented management tool. It is similar to the basics as it attaches videos and pictures to notes, takes notes in written and voice clips. On top of this, it provides high-end security by adding the notes to iCloud notes which are in turn secured by an ID and password. Also, user-friendly interference makes it an enjoyable experience to work on.

Platforms: Web, iOS, and Mac.

Download For IOS

11. Google Keep

The visual appeal of this app is 5 stars! Google keep displays your notes in a form of card template making it easier to skim through them to pick your required notes. This one also has a user-friendly interference with the option of taking hand written as well as typed notes and has a to-do-list option. You can share and draft notes and with the web clipping tool, you can pick articles from the internet as well for reference notes. Google keep lets you keep reminders devoted to special location so you never forget about your pending tasks.

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Platforms:  Web, Android, iOS.

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12. CintaNotes

It is stronger, faster, and lighter and saving notes has never been easier. This app is so amazing that it lets your clip notes from any application. You just have to select the desired information to be copied and press Ctrl+F12. Creating inter-links is faster so you can collect information from various websites and bundle them in one notebook. To top this feature, a search engine has been created within the app so you can find them by just typing the title of the note. This is the most refined app by Windows.

Supported Platform: Windows

Download For Windows

13. Trello

Trello works cross platforms as well as cross-synchronization being highly compatible with modern devices and updated software. Your files including pictures, texts, and notes stay organized on the relevant cards so sorting out notes is easier. No more pop up ads or restriction allowing multiple users to access the app. It has easy to use interference and comes with helpful options to guide you through effective note-taking. Cons include the lack of effective management of large projects since it is difficult to keep track of various cards and priorities as they aren’t visible on the screen.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Web

Download For IOS Download For Android

 14. Box Notes

Primarily the Box Company has been to know to provide cloud services which have stepped up to Box Notes. The app which is made for team work includes making notes if you wish to brainstorm, attach videos or pictures to them or edit them in real time is no hassle at all. You can keep your ideas together in Box Notes and it is easy to access on the go.

Platforms: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Web

Download For MAC Download For Windows


15. Inkdrop

Comes with markdown support and syntax highlighting with multiple themed options so notes taking never gets boring! Supports global search and tag features cross platforms. However the downside to this app is that unlike Evernote you just can’t buy it however it has majority features like it and it has a downright subscription plan which is $4.99/month.

Platforms:  Windows, macOS, Linus, and mobile.

Download For IOS Download For Android

On an ending Note

So far these are the best alternates to Evernote majority of which don’t only come free of cost but also contain useful advanced features making note taking fun and easy. If you have been a constant user of Evernote but bored of its interference or simply want to try something new, these 15 options are a breeze of fresh air for you to pick from!

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