Vidmate Apk 2022 Latest Version Download

Vidmate Apk 2022 Latest Version

Vidmate Apk 2022 has been a huge success in the past few years. Not many apps has evolved so much so they become world phenomena and receive so many positive feedback from grateful Android users. However, such big success isn’t a surprise for long-time users of the app. It is the best tool if you want to download any video (movie, music video or any other type of video file) from Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and many other popular social networks and websites.

Vidmate installation is pretty straightforward and easy. It doesn’t require root access and hacking your phone. Despite the software doesn’t available on Google Play, this program is completely safe and free for use. Download Vidmate app now and see it for yourself!

To download the app click on Vidmate Apk 2022 the button above and follow installation instructions.



Vidmate Apk 2022 has a lot in common with other Youtube video downloaders, but it also has a few specific features that are unique to it. Here are the full list of the app advantages:

Vidmate app is completely free of charge. Other video downloaders may have some hidden paywalls but that’s not the case with this app. After a user downloads the app it is free for all its lifetime!

The application is available to download in APK file. This is a standard file format for Android applications so you won’t have any safety or malware issues installing it.

With Vidmate app a user can download any video file from Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo on their Android smartphone or PC. The software supports over 1000 websites all over the Internet that store tons and tons of movies, music, amateur and professional clips, vlogs, travel videos and many others.

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There is no limiting on number of downloaded files per day, month or a year. With Vidmate You can download as many movies, music or anything like that without any limits by speed or quantity.

This Android app has a very convenient and user-friendly interface. Downloading a video from Youtube or any other website doesn’t require special skills or any additional program. Just open a website, select a video you like to get and download it on your Android phone or tablet by clicking on the Vidmate icon right next to the video!

Before downloading a video a user can choose what quality can be obtained. The app supports all modern resolutions and video types like: 4K (2160p), 2K (1440p), FullHD (1080p), HD (720p) and others. That means that the original quality has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels you can get the video in the same quality as well.

Despite Vidmate is being constantly updated, older versions support many websites as well. If you do like your older version of the app you may not update it to the last one but you must understand that the new app versions always designed to work with all website’s updates. For example, if Youtube get a major update the old version may start giving your an error on access the site and in this case you have to download the new Vidmate app version.

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Having Vidmate on your Android smartphone is very convenient way of having access to all major Internet content websites that host video files. Now you don’t need to buy a new phone if memory of the old one is filled. Every video over the Internet can be easily transferred onto your smartphone with this app!

In 2022 Vidmate remains the best app for free Youtube video downloading and we hope these video will bring many joys in your everyday life.

User’s Guide

These are steps you need to perform to download a movie or any other video file from the Internet using this application.

1.Download Vidmate APK file on your Android device (phone or tablet), PC or laptop.

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2.Install it following the instructions.

3.Open the app on your gadget.

4.Open any site from the app.

Vidmate App
Vidmate App

5.Type in the search bar a video name you want to download using Vidmate

Vidmate App
Vidmate App

6.Tap on it and you will see a red rectangular button by clicking on which you can download the video in selected quality.

Vidmate App
Vidmate App

7.Wait until the video is downloaded and open it on your device with preferred media player.

That’s the most convenient way to use the video downloader to download free movies, music and many other HD video files in 2022.

Additional Vidmate Features

Unrestricted free downloads

Everything is available for free online with Vidmate, and you can take it with you to enjoy offline. Videos and movies from all around the world are easily accessible, ranging from Hollywood and Bollywood films to brief self-made blog videos. Because of the free and unlimited download function, you won’t have to worry about paying money, and you’ll be able to avoid being unable to discover resources for your favorite videos.

Various Websites Support

As previously stated, VidMate App free download allows you to watch a wide range of movies offline. Meanwhile, we allow download access from online video-sharing platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, WhatsApp, Instagram, and TikTok. You may find songs, photographs, and movies all in one VidMate online without having to flip between them.

Download & Play Videos, Movies, Music

One of the most appealing features of our Vidmate app is that it provides free access to full-length HD movies. It gathers and organizes movies from a range of sources, including old Bollywood films and the most recent Hollywood releases, all of which are free to download. The functions on each movie’s page named “People who enjoyed this also liked…” and “same actors” which help to explore movies of the same or comparable genre, are a better blessing in the movie area. It saves a lot of time searching for and selecting movies from long internet movie lists.

If you are unsure whether the film is right for you, click onto the website and we will present you with brief introductions and trailers for more information. Particularly, when any new films are added to the site, it would counsel and propose them to the users.

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VidMate’s latest edition gives you with not just faster and smoother downloads, but also smoother viewing experiences.

Download and Play Music with Vidmate

VidMate music not only saves time by allowing users to move between multiple music apps, but it also allows users to download high-quality (256kbps) mp3 format music from YouTube and access to millions of albums and songs for free. The download speed is among the best in the business. It is surely your best music player in your smartphone, with its high speed and infinite resources. You can even set any song or sound as your phone ringtone.

Watch Live TV Series, Shows and Programs

Zee TV, Star World, Channel V, and Sahara Online are among the more than 200 channels available. is surely a heaven for people who enjoy viewing TV series, as it collects a large range of TV shows in several languages, including comedies, reality shows, and other genres. All TV series, from comedies to documentaries, are updated frequently and smoothly. You can watch it online or offline at any time and from any location, such as while waiting for a bus or riding the train home.

Personalized Experience

Select your preferred area of residence and language, and the effective suggestion system will provide you with precise recommendations. VidMate learns more about your interests and hobbies based on your profile or previous activities, and then creates a personalized playlist for you. As a result, every time you open the app, you receive exactly what you want and discover something new.

What’s New in the Newest Version of Vidmate App?

Vidmate Apk 2022 latest version, which is currently available, fixes a number of flaws in prior versions while also adding new, more user-friendly capabilities. Update to the most recent version to take advantage of even more amazing features. VidMate for PC and iOS has not yet been released, although it is in the works.

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