YoWhatsApp Apk 7.99 (YoWA) Download Latest Version (Anti Ban)

When you hear the word ‘Free Online Communication’, what is the first things that come in your mind? High chances are, you are probably thinking about WhatsApp. YoWhatsApp is the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way of communication these days. With all its features, layouts and user-friendly environment, WhatsApp seems the best medium of communication

But what if I tell you, there is something better?

That is right. WhatsApp is not the only app with so many benefits. It has competitors too. One of its competitors is YoWhatsApp or YOWA. An app with so much more additional features than your typical WhatsApp Plus APK.

YoWhatsApp APK is a very popular mod app for Android devices. Hundreds of users have used it as of today. It is just like official WhatsApp, just with advanced features and many more options for the users. You would not find those features are official WhatsApp. YoWhatsApp APK is still growing more and getting more users with each passing day. You can download YoWa in your Android device and enjoy all the advanced benefits for yourself now.

Although WhatsApp is a very good app for communicating all around the world, it lacks some useful features. This is the reason YoWhatsApp APK is far better because it has filled the void gaps, which official WhatsApp could never fill.

This is why more people are shifting to this mod application of WhatsApp. And when it comes to the best APK application, YoWhatsApp APK is the best version of mod WhatsApp. The app is also getting updates periodically to make sure that with the passage of time your communication is modified. In order to download YoWhatsApp APK make sure you download its latest version. There are many websites providing older versions of WhatsApp with lesser features. You surely don’t want to miss out on a bunch of advanced benefits. So make sure you download the latest version for your Smartphone.

DeveloperFouad Mokdad and Sam
Last UpdatedSeptember 13, 2019
Size33 to 45MB
VariantsEmoji and No Emoji
Based on2.19.291


Let’s talk about these new features in YoWhatsApp APK. What are the main features? What exactly differentiates YoWhatsApp APK from official WhatsApp? The features are surprisingly awesome that will make you want to have YoWhatsApp with you all the time. So, let’s get started.

Yo Themes

Let’s face it. With so many years of using WhatsApp, we are bored of seeing the same green layout and typical user interface all the time. No matter how many times it gets updated, it never gets the change in its layout and user interface. That is where YoWhatsApp APK gets a point. It offers multiple cool themes for your WhatsApp. These themes can be changes just with a single click. You can change the themes according to your mood, personality or whichever way you want. You will have so many options for the themes.

New and Better Emojis

Unlike WhatsApp, YoWhatsApp comes with a number of emojis which could make it into WhatsApp. These emojis are a lot cooler than typical emojis. There are hundreds of emojis for you to select and send to your loved ones. After all, emojis are now a standard way of expressing one’s feelings to someone else through any online communication medium.

Send Much Longer Videos

YoWhatsApp has surpassed the official WhatsApp in terms of video sending. In WhatsApp, you are not allowed to send a video, which is more than 100 MB in size. Despite so many updates all these years, this one irritating feature remained in WhatsApp till now.

But not in YoWhatsApp APK

With YoWhatsApp APK, you can send a video of size up to 700 MB. This is huge. As compared to WhatsApp, it sounds like a joke, an imagination that is too good to be true. Fortunately, it is true. You can check it out yourself after you download YoWhatsApp APK for your Android device

Default Lock

Everyone wants to have privacy. They want their personal communications to be secure from everyone else. Sadly, WhatsApp never introduced its own lock feature. If the users want to put up a lock on their WhatsApp, they have to download a third party lock application and then they will be able to lock their WhatsApp. This is annoying. Given that, WhatsApp already requires a good amount of space from your storage. Now you have to give up more of your MBs just to get a feature, which WhatsApp should have provided you in the first place.

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This is definitely not an issue with YoWhatsApp APK. It comes up with its own lock. It enables users to protect their chats with a pin code, a specific pattern, or their own fingerprints. Now forget about downloading multiple large-sized apps for the sake of secured conversations. YoWhatsApp APK has a solution to all your problems.

Freeze the Last Seen

If you do not want to show your WhatsApp’s online status to everyone, you can freeze your last seen. With a single click, YoWhatsApp APK can make you offline and will show your last seen (the time when you enabled this feature) even if you are online at that time. You can disable this feature whenever you feel like. This surprising feature never showed up on WhatsApp but just as Stated above, YoWhatsApp APK is much more modified than WhatsApp.

Custom Privacy

Talking about privacy, there are so many features in YoWhatsApp APK. For instance, you can hide your Last seen, the blue ticks, message delivered tick anytime you want. These features are known as custom

Dual WhatsApp

YoWhatsApp APK has a great feature, which allows users to use it as a second WhatsApp. This implies that users can use two WhatsApp (the official one and the mod one) on the same device at the same time. This is cool because WhatsApp cannot be used for multiple numbers but now you can download YoWhatsApp APK and use two accounts of WhatsApp simultaneously.

No Need for Root

Although many of the MOD apps of WhatsApp require a rooted android device for a smooth run, YoWhatsApp APK runs on non-rooted devices just as smoothly. It can be used on both rooted and non- rooted android devices. You don’t need to root your phone anymore. It’s dangerous for your Smartphone in the long term and now that there is an alternative which is not asking for such massive sacrifices, we should definitely go for it.

Quick Glimpse-More Features

  • New emojis
  • New themes
  • The call log will no longer show the hidden chats
  • Hidden chats have a vibration feature
  • Contact screen is colorful
  • Default lock on conversations
  • Send up to 100 images at once
  • There are 7 new icons
  • YoThemes store for new themes
  • Use Double WhatsApp on the same phone
  • Show blue ticks after reply
  • Set status video up to 5 minutes
  • Send full resolution images of up to 10 MB each high-quality images.
  • Photo corners are square
  • You can change the name and status font style on the home screen…
  • You can measure storage usage for every chat
  • Now you can send live locations
  • Android O Emojis are present
  • While deleting chats, conversation media can be deleted too.
  • Language can be translated into Turkish. Azerbaijan and Indonesian languages are added as well.
  • Customized Anti-Delete added.
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Above stated are only a few highlighted features out of many other features. If you want to check them all Out, You can do so by downloading YoWhatsApp APK in your device.


Here are the requirements for you about YoWa Download in your device.

  • Your device’s Android version should be Android 4.0 or above to be compatible for YoWhatsApp APK.
  • You should download the latest version of YoWhatsApp APK for the best results.
  • You need to ensure a good internet connection for smooth and fast download.
  • Make sure you have deleted your number from older WhatsApp. Since two WhatsApp, the same number cannot run accounts. Your number will not get its account in YoWhatsApp until it is deleted from its older WhatsApp account

These are some of the basic requirements for the successful download of YoWhatsApp APK. Its nothing rocket science in it so doesn’t worry. You can easily download YoWa on your devices and enjoy the advanced version of WhatsApp.


Just like the download, installation can be easily done. Just follow the given steps

  • Open YoWhatsApp APK file
  • Click on the Install button
  • After installation, click on the open button
  • Now add your a number and click on Next button
  • Click on OK button after verification of your number
  • Enter the Six-digit code you received through a text message.
  • Restore the Backup and you are ready to use


YoWhatsApp APK is an amazing app with offer the benefits that official WhatsApp has never did. It comes as a combined package consists of solutions to many problems. With its advanced features and colorful graphics, users find it interesting using YoWhatsApp APK as compared to the same old and boring official WhatsApp. You should definitely give it a try by downloading now!

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