Zombie Tsunami v4.5.116 APK (Unlimited Money)

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Zombie Tsunami

Hello, from here, you can download Zombie Tsunami MOD APK and get unlimited coins and diamonds. Zombie Tsunami is an arcade game offered by Mobigames S.A.R.L. It has over a hundred million downloads on the Play Store. Play as a zombie, eat all the people you meet on your way, turn them into zombies and create an unstoppable zombie horde.

Zombie Tsunami Features
10 amazing power-ups
22 birds with unique abilities
Customize zombies with a huge collection of accessories
Special events to earn rewards

Zombie Tsunami MOD is a 2D endless side scrolling game. You will play as a zombie. Zombies will automatically walk forward. You have to dodge obstacles like incoming vehicles, bombs etc. in order to continue playing. When the zombie touches any person, it will eat them and turn them into the zombie that will also follow you. Tap on the screen to perform a short jump. Tap and hold for a long jump.

You will see some vehicles with numbers on them. That number shows the number of zombies needed to destroy that vehicle. You can collect the coins, choose the bonus boxes for special powers in the race. The movement speed will increase over time and you will face more and more obstacles. As your last zombie dies in Zombie Tsunami hack apk, your game will be over.

There are always three missions available in Zombie Tsunami MOD APK 2022. You can complete these missions to fill the potion flask. You need to complete a certain number of quests to fill it up completely. When a jar is filled, you will get rewards like gold, diamonds, etc. It also increases the level of the potion. Reaching certain potion levels unlocks additional accessories and upgrades in the market. You can buy those items with gold.
There are 10 types of powerups in Zombie Tsunami hack apk 2022 that you will find on the way. These boosters grant you special powers for a limited time. You can upgrade all 10 boosters to level 4. Some of them are as follows:

Tsunami: you will ride the tsunami that destroys everything in its path. You can touch the screen to increase your height. Upgrading it using the Zombie Tsunami diamonds and coins cheat from this MOD will increase its duration and speed.

Ninja: your zombies will become ninjas. Ninjas can jump twice. Upgrading them to level 2 and 3 allows them to slice through bombs with shurikens and slice through vehicles with katana respectively.

GiantZ – All zombies turn into a giant zombie. It fires a laser from its eyes continuously. Upgrade it to fire three lasers at once and increase its damage.

Dragon – Turns zombies into a dragon. Dragons can hover in the air. Upgrade it to shoot fire from its mouth that can destroy bombs and vehicles.

Quarterbacks: Quarterback zombies are so heavy that they can destroy everything in their path, including bombs. But they can long jump at level 1. At level 3, they can attract coins and at level 4, they can also long jump.

MOD Features
Zombie Tsunami MOD APK Unlimited Diamond version provides you unlimited diamonds. You can unlock all kinds of birds, zombies, and power-ups, and upgrade them to the maximum level.

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